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In the photography forums I am part of, it is common to have the question posed about what locations users have made purchases from online and their experiences. It basically boils down to maybe 4 or 5 safe places with consistently good customer service and fair prices. Many of the online vendors for cameras have proven to be less than scrupulous. ResellerRatings.com doesn't seem to cover the vendors for GPSs very much.


Any suggestions for GPS vendors with good value and safe and fair dealings?


Thanks for your help

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On the main page of this site, there is a link to Offroute.com, which offers discounted GPS products and also supports the site if you purchase via that link. On my first visit to Geocaching.com, I noticed that link, followed it, and bought my first GPS. Good service at a good price.


You will find many reports on vendors, good and bad, over in the GPS Units and Software Forum.

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I've bought a few of my telephoto lenses from hotdigital, an ebay seller. Wait a minute, that's not what this thread is about. Hmmm, maybe I can make it fit in.


In my opinion, the most important thing to keep in mind when buying on-line is to get some kind of seller rating. That may mean looking through the forums to find other people who have bought from them. Another way is to use one of the rating sites (Bizrate, mysimon, et al).

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Hey thanks for all of your input...it is appreciated.


I just was at the Garmin site and saw that they have the 76C for near future release. I love the layout of my map76 but need more memory and would like a screen with better visibility so I am going to wait it out for the new Map76C.

Thanks again!

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