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No truer words has ever been spoken about a subject of such magnitude as Geocaching. It is very addictive. I go through withdrawals if I don't get a chance to hide or look for a cache. Everbody has heard of golf widows I guess I have a Geocache Widow.





If you have the nose of a basset there is no cache that you can not find and you are never lost.


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Originally posted by Moore9KSUcats:

We ARE NOT addicted. We can quit any time we want to! Really, it's easy to quit once you make up your mind, but for now we just want to geocache, we need to geocache, we must geocache!


Wasn't there a country song that said something to the effect of "Quitting's easy....I've done it 1000 times before...."?


I'm lost. I've gone to find myself. If I should happen to get back before I return, please ask me to wait.

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