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Canadian Benchmarks

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Thanks Blackdog!


I keep finding benchmarks and other markers, though I'm not usually 'hunting' them specifically. It's sad that they're now being abandoned and slowly disappering.


"Long Long Way to the Oasis" by abacab (GCQJFB), which is now archived, used 'benchmarks' as redirects to the cache location. The perilous state of some of those indicates how quickly new technology is taking over.


I'll have to pay more attention to Waymarking.



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Log them all at Waymarking.com under Canadian Benchmarks


Just too bad that the US counterparts can bandy their benchmarks as part of their finds, but we have to use Waymarking or virtual caches to do it...

Well, if someone has enough money, pay a company to design a webpage while someone else starts downloading and converting all the databases. :)


One quesion tho - while I'd love to find some Canadian Benchmarks, is there an easy way to tell if it's from a national entity or a county/state/city entity? In the US, it's pretty easy to note the difference, and usually BM hunters are only interested in the national agency-placed one. (Usually..)


In either case, add my name to the list - I mean, if I ever get up that way, I'll find at least ONE, for sure. :)

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As has been occasionally mentioned, a number of Canadian survey marks close to the US border are in the NGS database, particularly since many of these were used as part of US surveys. This includes the IBC (boundary commission) surveys and the early CGS triangulation surveys.


This US mark was set in Canada (near Saint Andrews, New Brunswick) by the Coast Survey (forerunner of the CGS, forerunner of the NGS) in 1857:





I would guess the stamping was done by GSC well after the mark was set, most likely in the 1930s.


The reverse also happens. Trescott Rock (PD0894), an early triangulation station set in 1861 in Maine, has two reference marks which were set by the Geodetic Survey of Canada (probably also in the 1903s). Here's Trescott Rock's RM4:





There seems to be lots of cooperation between the two countries when surveys are close to or cross the border.

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Hi all,


I live in Ottawa and I used to Geocache back in the day. I recently started again. I was thrilled to see the benchmark posts but disappointed to see that they are not being sought after in Canada. I would like note for any of those of you who travel over seas; I have seen these in Japan as well, mainly at the top of mountains, perhaps some one could at least start a Japanese benchmark page in the mean time.

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Exploroman -


In case you didn't know, the Canadian Benchmarks Waymarking site is here. It is true that Waymarking benchmark sites are not pre-loaded with coordinates but in the case of Canada, the Waymarking page, if you click on "[show additional information]" there are links to the Canadian benchmark databases for reference. There are benchmark Waymarking sites for several countries, but no Japan as yet.

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