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Found this article on Geekzone from a story on Slashdot. Anyway this sounds like a great Geocaching GPS. Projecting waypoints, no problem with laser guided assist. Pocket PC built in for Paperless cache reports. Compass, digital camera, and inclinometer all intergrated together.


Now to find out if its a jack of all trades and master of none. The software is what will make or break this thing.

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What, no phone to log the cache from the field? B) For the gadget inclined, the Palm Treo 600 smart-phone can take a GPS antenna (serial or SD card) to provide phone, PDA, camera and GPS receiver.

Ya but the Palm software I have tried sucks for the most part. Geoniche is a great GPS, but I could not take the tracks into TopoUSA, and I would have to stop recording a track if I wanted to use XMap. Xmap was a ok mapping program, and could record a track you could bring to TopoUSA but it was slow, buggy, and sucked when you got close to the cache.


Now this GPS with a Bluetooth phone could do everything a Treo could and probably be a lot more compatible with GPS software. I am just guessing there though. Maybe it does not even have NEMA output.


Besides... It has a friken laser beam coming out of its forehead... How can you beat that :unsure:

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I was out hiking with a cacher last year talking about a GPS that would perform this very function, with laser-assistance to perform exact waypoint projection. How cool to see one out there that does it. But I'll be purchasing a 60CS long before I buy one of those suckers..


After conversion, it comes out to:


8,440.91 USD

United States Dollars


A little rich for me, but a great toy for someone who has almost everything.

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