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Setting Gpsr For Australia


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How truly exciting!!! Sounds like a lot of fun.


The magnetic variation in Australia ranges from between 0° and 13° East. Sydney's variation is 12.3° East, and Perth is 0.6° East. It's difficult to find much specific information about Australia's magnetic variation.


My advice: set it for True North - unless you'll be doing any activities tradionally requiring compass navigation (flying, sailing, etc.). If you will be doing any such activities, then the specific magnetic variation information should be available where the equipment is rented.


Have a great trip! :lol:

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After you get there, when you first turn it on, you may need to tell it that you've moved to a new location. This requires reinitialization of the unit. Page 4 of the manual (page 8 of 78 in Adobe Acrobat's page counter) shows you how. You can download the manual HERE.


If you've got a window seat, and you fly on an airline that allows its use, then you could leave it on and track your flight. :lol:

This would eliminate the need to reinitialize. The list of airlines which allow/do not allow their use is HERE.

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What a timely thread. I will be going to Oz mid-April thru Jun. Be utilizing a light aircraft most of time, hiking, caching, birding and on and on.


My question is using the GPS with a laptop for moving mapping. Any suggestions/recommendation for software (i.e. OZExplorer, ???) and map sources (hopefully for free as in usaphotomaps and the like)


Thanks in advance for all input from this very resourceful and helpful group.


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Nothing to do apart from re-initialize it. Same re-initialize process as if the reciever is re-located more than a few hundred mile.


Mapping, now that's certainly going to be different. Connection to a laptop etc, several mapping systems can handle that. Stuff like Oziexplorer works fine and complete 1:250,000 mapping covering all of Oz is around the A$90 mark. If using Oziexplorer then all the map indexing for the 250 thou sheets (~500+ odd map sheets) is already done.


Cheers, Kerry.

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