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Altitude Accuracy Question.

Eric K
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I was driving through the mountains of WV lately and there was a sign at the top of one of the mountains where it was something like 3252 feet.


My GPS said I was at about 3232 feet.


Which may be more accurate and would the fact that I was doing about 75 MPH at the time have anything to do with it?

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The Legend has a feature that will let you correct elevation. If you are at a spot where the elevation is posted on a sign or something, you can manually correct the elevation listed on your GPS. The Legend instruction manual says it helps make elevation readings more accurate. I guess most Garmin models have this feature...don't know about Mags.

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I actually called the Garmin PR department about this a while back. If the unit does not have a barometric altimeter, the vertical readings can be hundreds of feet off. Of course, just like any other reading on the GPS, the 3 dimensional position increases in accuracy with a better satellite constellation (three or more at wide angles close to the horizon are best).


If your unit does have a barometric altimeter, it needs to be calibrated for accurate readings. You need to have a known spot like a vertical control benchmark and set it EACH DAY you are interested in getting altitude readings.


It's gonna get you in the ballpark, but the GPS is NOT an accurate altimeter by itself.

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