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What Has Gone By The Wayside?


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I'm quickly approaching 1 year of caching.


I didn't really think that I was giving anything up for geocaching, but several things have been set aside, put off, or just plain forgotten. (Feh! It was worth it.)


The first thing was my yard. My neighbors wonder if I have taken ill or something.


The second was keeping serious track of racing. I still don't know who took the Formula 1 title(s) last year. Can I just assume it was Schumacher/Ferrari? The C.A.R.T. series folded for good and I'm probably to blame for not watching. I think I caught part of one race after coming in from a hunt. I hardly recognized most of the driver's names.


The third was my beloved Poker. (I got most of the caches in Laughlin though.)


The last is my movie habit. I used to buy DVDs like they're gonna stop making them tomorrow. I buy less DVDs now and I watch even less still. I'm about 30 behind at last count. I'm sure my T.V. feels a bit neglected.


Oh yeah, I hardly play video games anymore and I almost never buy a new release.


How about you? I know it's not just me.


Sn :lol::huh: gans

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I have not been to my gun club or the bow range since I started geocaching. I did get to hunt (animals) as much as I usually do and this year took my oldest son deer hunting for the first time. I try to take the kids geocaching whenever possible so I don't have to give up quality family time. I don't race my RC boat as much as I used to and I don't sit in front of the TV on the weekends and watch sports as much. I do however, always find time for the family, kids sports and school events and I never miss a NASCAR race (even if I have to tape it and watch at night).

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I've gone a whole day without eating because of Geocaching. I'll leave the house without eating and not put anything in my pack. Afterall, it would impede my progress. And, then I won't stop in between caches because the next cache is closer than the nearest deli or store. And, then the next cache is closer and the next cache is closer and eventually I've gone the day without eating and I'm so hungry I could pass out. Then I go home and I'm ravenous and I eat until I feel like I'm going to bust. How messed up is that?




Anyhoo . . . how's that for putting something by the wayside for Geocaching.


Happy caching and stuff!

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Well, really not much yet. I'm usually pretty inactive during the winter months. Once spring hits and my back gets better, I'll be back in my shop finishing up some projects, such as my wife's curio cabinet, my grandmother's entertainment center, and then the master bedroom gets crown moulding, a chair rail, and a built-in curio cabinet/entertainment center. Still get out and shoot the bang-bangs at least once a month.

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Oh, this thread is too funny. My friends and I used to have a game night. That pretty much died. On the other than I've gotten back into shooting and have picked up a couple firearms with plans on building an AR-15.


I've re-discoved the ourdoors, gotten back to my old habit of exploring the back country.


So yeah I gave up a couple of things but I picked up a few more.

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Not much really. I was always an avid hiker, so I try to incorporate geocaching into my hikes. Most of the quicker (non hiking) caches I've bagged came because I happened to be in the area and made a quick side trip.


I don't fish as much as I used to, but I don't blame geocaching for that. Probably has more to do with coaching soccer during prime fishing season.

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I've given up coin collecting... even sold a few of my coins (have to pay for the new GPSr somehow! :D) I don't do as much coding anymore, either. My geocaching habit has suffered a bit since I got my Jeep - then again, there's caches I wouldn't have found without it... I guess it's an even tradeoff then! :blink:

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I was going to say cleaning, but I have to admit that my house would still be a mess anyway. It is another excuse for not cleaning anyway!


I haven't given anything up. But what has happened is that I have gotten my already busy schedule even more full by adding caching related activities. That is OK with me though!

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Nothing really, which is why I have such a dearth of caches over the last two years. I try, as much as possible, to incorporate caching into my other actvities. I've found many caches while working on projects around town or out of town on business. We've picked up a few as a family while on vacation. I walked to a few around the neighborhood and there's a couple more that are just within walking distance. Its great exercise and you can see so much and meet nice people along the way. I've got a new bicycle and there's a few caches to find while cycling. The Chilly Hilly bicycle ride is coming up and I'd like to be ready. The weather will be getting better so we can go out x-country skiing as a family. For sure we'll try to find some caches along the way. I'm ski racing Friday nights and, at 48, I can still dust a few guys that are 20 years younger (but not many). I've got a fence to build this summer and its going to look nice. Caching is not my first priority but it sure is fun and I'll be doing it for quite some time to come.

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Lets see, I actually spent more time golfing in the last year than the prior 5 combined(gotta do something with all those balls found in caches). Also, a lot of time caching, thats a given. Even drag the family along when they are willing.


The major lost activity is computer games, but that is really no great loss. The yard suffered a bit last year, but that was mostly due to my being very lazy.


All in all caching has gotten me off my butt and outside more.

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The biggest thing that I have not done in a long time (months) is paintballing. I was a VERY avid paintballer, and went thru withdrawals if I missed a weekend. I havent been once since I have been caching, mainly due to money (paintballing is a VERY expensive sport) and because I am having a great time caching. I can't tell any of my paintbal friends about it though, as I will be laughed off the planet. Also, as usual, school has taken a backseat, and I'm on the computer A LOT more these days. Overall, though, it was worth it. :blink:

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Hmmm... I probably just gave up a bunch of pointless, time-wasting things. I geocache to fill "down time", whenever the calendar is empty it's the default stand-by activity.


As fun as it is though, it hasn't taken away 1 minute of Skiing and Sailing time. Of course, I do find myself thinking about ski-in cachesl and I'm still trying to figure out how to pull off the dream of placing the "Center of the Atlantic" cache! :blink:




"Found cache, saw lots of water. signed log book."

"Good job! Log a find!"

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I have given up a lot of TV time and I've given up some weight. But the trade off is I've increased my computer time planning geocaching trips on the computer maps and reading forums.

Given up anything? Not really, but I do put more into my days now, so that my weekends are free for caching. I work four 12 hr shifts and have four days off, yea eat your hearts out. Best of all my weekends are often right in the middle of the week, very few people out on the desert or in the woods. (Empty Nesting) We do about 80 percent of our time caching in the desert/mtns, part of the reason our numbers aren't very high. I'd rather find 2 or 3 caches out there than a dozen a day in the urban areas. :blink: PETA would have a fit if they knew how much geocaching has increased our hunting time. dadgum Jacks and Potguts are rabid anyway. J of J&L Lee

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Hmmmmm.....lemme see...


Knitting. I used to knit a lot while I watched shows on Tivo. Since I started caching, I have a sweater and a scarf that are still sitting there, not completed.


Reading. I used to read anything I could get my hands on. Now I have a stack of books waiting to be read. It's taking a lot longer to get through a book nowadays. :blink:


Television. Doesn't bother me too much. I have a tivo so there is always something good on tv when I feel like watching.


PC and PS2 games. I still play games but not nearly as much as I used to.


Laundry. I am now waiting until the last possible minute before I have to do laundry. I just don't want to sit around the house waiting for the washer and dryer to finish when I could be out caching. I finally did 4 loads last night. I'm leaving for CA tonight and had NO clean socks or tshirts left. I was wearing the last clean tshirt...then I knew it was definately time to do laundry!


Eating. I have spent an entire day caching before and I was having so much fun I forgot to stop somewhere and get breakfast/lunch/dinner. But, I can stand to miss a few meals so it's okay. :D


Numerology and Natal charts. I used to do a lot of charts for friends and some people paid me to do charts as wedding gifts, etc. I haven't done a chart since before Christmas. Someone recently offered to pay me to do a dual chart for some newlyweds. I told them I have been too busy to do charts lately. They kept asking so I agreed to make one. I spent my last day off working on it since it was snowing anyway. :mad: The whole time I kept thinking "at least the money I am making will pay for gas, trade items, batteries and printer ink".

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Oh, this thread is too funny. My friends and I used to have a game night. That pretty much died. On the other than I've gotten back into shooting and have picked up a couple firearms with plans on building an AR-15.


I've re-discoved the ourdoors, gotten back to my old habit of exploring the back country.


So yeah I gave up a couple of things but I picked up a few more.

Mannnn, I forgot that I haven't shot a round of Sporting Clays since June of last year!!!! Ahhhhh! WHAT's WRONG WITH ME?


Sn ;):( gans

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I do tend to get a bit obsessed with whatever my latest hobby is. 5 years ago, when I bought the house, I went a little nuts in the interior decorating dept.


Four years ago, it was antiquing, and a peculiar game my sister started: finding the ugliest thing in the antique mall, and springing it on the other for a bday gift, or Xmas. That got really bizarre and very fun, one upping each other and sending 'it's sooooo ugly....' jokes by email.


3 years ago, it was a seashell collection you would not believe. That took me a couple of years to 'complete,' tho there are still a few specimens I need.


2 years ago, I wrote a novel, and then I went to the doctor, got a scary diagnosis and so a little over a year ago, the 'hobby' became serious weight loss and excercise, which begat geocaching. And so, even tho the novel is finished(barely), I haven't done jack towards chasing publishers to get it out in the world. I'm gonna have to get busy with that, as I know the book is very good, and am confident I can sell it. I kept telling myself, just wait til winter. You won't want to be out caching every weekend and evening when it's cold and snowy. But I did and I do!


See: now you've gone and made me feel guilty. Guess I better hit Ebay and look for those shells I still need! ;):(;)

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Oh, this thread is too funny.  My friends and I used to have a game night.  That pretty much died.  On the other than I've gotten back into shooting and have picked up a couple firearms with plans on building an AR-15.


I've re-discovered the ourdoors, gotten back to my old habit of exploring the back country.


So yeah I gave up a couple of things but I picked up a few more.

Interesting, almost the same thing here. I was VERY into first person shooter type games for a LONG time, since the Doom I days. I worked for several gaming websites, ran another dedicated to local LAN parties, was an original contributor the the LAN party FAQ, was in one of the original Quake clans, even beta-tested Quake CTF. Our weekly gaming night was more like a gaming weekend. Ran from around 4-5pm Sat until 7-8am Sunday. When I found caching a few years ago, that pretty much died.

My waverunner gets used a lot less then it used to.

On the other hand, like RK, I've starting collecting and shooting real guns again, mostly because of Geo Ho. I've been camping more in the last 2 years then I had the last 10 previous years. It balances out, and it's a good balance.

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