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Will Upinyachit Always Be The Bad Guy?

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First off, Sparky that moment of lucid, well-reasoned thought that you posted was beautiful (Thank God the meds are working- FINALLY).


Corps I agree with you, but intervention is required here.


Chit, (can we get personal here?) the wife and I were watching this show about high school pranks on MTV. The senior class at a school signed a pledge not to pull senior pranks. Some pulled one anyway, then got pissed when the school refused to let them participate in graduation.


You are acting like those people. You feel like the people that post here, and the folks running this site, owe you something. If your children are writing papers about Geocaching, that's fine, but that does not grant you permission AND forgiveness for some of the posts you have created. If you have a problem with the mods- CO Admin in particular, use the PM and spare the rest of us your disrespect.


Will you always be the bad guy- if that's what you want. You control your destiny here. Lately, you seem willing to post stuff that you know won't fly, and throw tantrums when the threads get closed, or people don't respond like you expect.


Get over it, please.

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Let's try being a little more positive about Upinyachit instead of always looking for the bad. :D


Sorry upinyachit but YOU always seem to be the one crying about how bad things are and how everyone picks on you.


Take a vacation from the forums and come back when you have something good to say B)

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I do agree that this topic needs to be closed, but if a moderator does close it then that opens up the accusation that it was closed too early for Duane to respond. As much of a train wreck as this is, I won't close it. Either Duane can, or it will just slip off the page naturally.


It looks like a lot of advice has been given, so let's just let it slip down the page...

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