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Coming Out Of The Closet


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:P My thread id is Hogarth but, umm, well I can't hide in the closet any longer. My true identity is Pappa Brownie of The_Brownies. My family and I cache as a team, but the threads have become my own personal playground and the thoughts and emotions expressed by me there in are not those of my family.. Wheww.. now you know who my true identity..


;) Are you in the closet? Here's a chance for you to come out in the open and expose your true identity.

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(CO Admin @ Feb 7 2004, 08:13 PM)

This thread is fine as long as we understand that its identity's that are being exposed and nothing else.


I get the hint...I'm not welcome in this thread....


Saxy, -- you're always welcome in my threads. I don't mind your smurfing around.

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