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Left Handed Geocachers


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Right handed -- but my son (Hike Jr.) is left handed. However, he bats right handed when we play baseball. Go figure. Oh right .... I tought him to bat. See how selfish we right handers can be!


Snoogans -- in case you did not catch it in another forum post, NORM became a real travel bug last weekend, and right now he is in Panama with a fellow geocacher from here in south Florida called ojbets. Norm has about 30,000 miles of travel so far.


HM ;)

Speaking of Norm......and on my own thread too.


Sn :P:P gans

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Speaking of powertools, try shopping for a shot gun. Unless the idea of hot gas and spent shell cases flying past your face is appealling, you really have few options outside of a double barrel.

At least with a shotgun, you have an option (although, I've gotten used to hot shells and gas ejecting in front of my face on my semi-automatic). Try shooting civil war era long arms. They didn't have lefty guns back then, so you have to deal with the percussion cap sparking and igniting the powder in front of your eye. Now try not to flinch cause you know it's coming.

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southpaw here, too.... I am the mom of this family of 6, and 2nd child is also left-handed. I do almost everything left-handed, but today I was shooting a pistol quite well right handed. (My husband's 22 target pistol has custom grips for a right-handed person.) I also use the mouse right-handed, and can't work it left-handed! I think it just depends on how you train yourself on some of these things.


I tried to teach myself to write cursive right-handed, and tended to mirror write..... that was fun, so I worked at it when I was in high-school, or so. I don't know if I could do that now, though.


Now.... am I right or left eyed? I don't know....... :P

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I am also directionally challenged. A member of the worlds most discrimated against minority. For some interesting reading try THE LEFT HANDED SYNDROME. Problem is righties ought to be the ones reading it. Actually I am left handed in most things, but right eye dominant. Adds a new twist to each day. especially on two handed tasks that require precise hand/eye coordination.

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Yup, another lefty here....

In response to another post here, left-handed scissors can be found easily for the school system here, but I think that they were made by someone who is right-handed....have you ever tried to cut with them? They don't cut, they tear the paper! So, I use a pair of righty scissors in my left hand....make them conform for a change!


Biggest lefty pet-peeves:

1) left-handed scissors that are truly inferior

2) those erasable Paper-Mate pens that came out in the '80s

3) Skil-Saws/handsaws that have the sawdust ejection port facing the right hand side and the measuring guide with the precise point for cutting tailored for the righties

4)those ergonomic, right-handed Microsoft mice


ah, but at least I'm in my right mind!

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I consider myself left handed as well. I write and eat with my left hand, but I have adapted myself to use lots of right hand tools. Couldn't use left handed scissors if my life depended on it. But my brain is definitely left handed. I have trouble with clockwise & counter clockwise concepts (just have a lefty try to unscrew something upside down) and analog clocks are always a little confusing as well....but maybe it's just me.....



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Considered a lefty here. Only one in the family. Lefthandedness occupies my writing, fine carving, painting, eating - fork in left/knife in right, sanding.... I do lots of things right handed (gps entry, swinging sports, throw boomerangs and balls, sawing, rough carving, 10 key...) And a few things with no preference (throwing a frisbee, mousing - left at work/right at home, drinking, cracking an egg one handed...)



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I consider myself to be a lefty even though I've learned to adapt to this right handed world.

I write, mouse, brush teeth and carry things/reach for things left handed.

I use scissors and knife right handed. Iron clothes and throw right handed, too.


P.S. My sig line was there BEFORE I read this thread. :unsure:

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McLaughlin's Marauders, a geo-family of 4 have 3, yes count'em 3 leftys.  Dad, Mom, and the youngest are all strict left handers.  We had a heck of a time teaching our daughter, the only righty in the batch, to tie her shoes.

It's easy for a lefty to teach a righty to tie their shoes; just sit in front of them and have them do everything you do...like looking in a mirror, so to speak. :unsure:

Of my five kids, only the youngest and oldest are right-handed. I'm a lefty, so that's how I taught the right-handers to tie their shoes; worked like a charm.

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Counting the minutes until I can get out of work, I have nothing better then to throw my two cents in...


Consider me part of the brain damaged group....though I like to consider myself right-brained...


Right hand: Writing, Cutting...

Left Hand: Batting, golfing, throwing, eating (yes I am among the elite group of people that do not cut thier food with their knife in their right hand...then put the knife down to pick up the fork with thier right hand so they can eat their food...this skill alone makes LEFTIES more superior) shooting, kicking, and pretty much everything else that you do with your hands :)


...so I may be brain damaged...but I like to consider my self right-brained...and sinsiter... :unsure:

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I am among the elite group of people that do not cut thier food with their knife in their right hand...then put the knife down to pick up the fork with thier right hand so they can eat their food...

That's not elite. That's proper etiquette in Europe, but in the US you should be switching hands.


According to this site,


"According to dining etiquette, food should be cut with the fork in the left hand. Once cut, the knife should be placed on the plate and the fork should be moved to the right hand. In America, it is also customary to place the left hand in the lap unless it is being used."



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