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Left Handed Geocachers

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Well, I use my left hand for writing, spoons, forks, chopsticks, cigarettes, and telephone handsets. I use my right hand for throwing balls, batting, cutting with scissors, gripping with pliers, opening cans, chopping with an axe, firing guns, my computer mouse and other stuff. The odd thing is I can't comfortably do most of them by switching hands. I certainly can't write legibly with my right hand. So, I don't know if I'm in my "right" mind or not. :rolleyes:

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I'm not a mutant, I'm right handed...though my pitching career may have lasted a lot longer if I was a lefty :rolleyes: . Anyway, the Garmin eTrex line is designed to be used in the left hand, which annoys a lot of us normal people. Just thought you lefties would be interested in that.

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.dednah tfel ma I tub ,niarb ym fo edis rehtie gnisu elbuort evah I



If you were a cop and pulled over drunks, you would never give a DUI, instead they would get an IUD. (incase you dont know thats an Inter Uterine Device)

Gee. Thanks Rocky. Remind me to say far away from you.

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That day the Benjaminites mustered from their cities twenty-six thousand sword-wielding soldiers, besides seven hundred well-trained soldiers from Gibeah. Among this army were seven hundred specially-trained left-handed soldiers. Each one could sling a stone and hit even the smallest target. (Judges 20:16)


Ona geocaching note - GPSrs seem to work ok in either hand! :rolleyes:




Edit - quoted the wrong passage

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I consider myself a lefty. I write left handed and I eat left handed. AND . . . I cache left handed.


I am generally ambi-dextrous, though. A little lefty, a littly righty. Hmmmm . . . okay, I'm a bit messed up. Don't tell Mopar!


However, I can write with both hands (not at the same time!), which I think is pretty darn groovy.


So, there it is!


Happt caching and stuff!

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Me too. of course I am surounded by lefties at work (about 3 x as many med students are left handed as the gen pop, and this hobby fits the mental nature of a left handed person. Jobs that combine creativeness with science/math tend to be over represented with lefties (sadly, so do mental institutions).

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I was left handed for the last year befor I was diagnosed with Kienbocks disease in my right wrist. And during the year of surgery it took to kind of fix the problem. I learned to do most everything one handed. I still can't shoot a pistol it hurts the right hand to much and I can't aim left handed.


Do a web search on one handed typing, lots of fun pages, even a few that are serious tutorials for one handed people. :P

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Right handed -- but my son (Hike Jr.) is left handed. However, he bats right handed when we play baseball. Go figure. Oh right .... I tought him to bat. See how selfish we right handers can be!


Snoogans -- in case you did not catch it in another forum post, NORM became a real travel bug last weekend, and right now he is in Panama with a fellow geocacher from here in south Florida called ojbets. Norm has about 30,000 miles of travel so far.



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So we have the lefty Garmin, how 'bout lefties with lefty string instruments? I have a lefty Seagull S6 guitar, and I can't tell you what a RELIEF it is to finally be able to play "right". Now, if I could somehow attach my eTrex to the guitar neck I could be a strolling minstrel cacher! :P


PS: Elderly Instruments (elderly.com) has a lovely selection of lefty strings.

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Another lefty in a rightman's world. Did you ever notice when using power tools the dust always hits your face? But my dad designed our house with lefties in mind. (4 to 1 in the household. poor mom)

Has "Rightie" got you down? Stay Strong, my left handed brother... :P


Speaking of powertools, try shopping for a shot gun. Unless the idea of hot gas and spent shell cases flying past your face is appealling, you really have few options outside of a double barrel.

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So we have the lefty Garmin, how 'bout lefties with lefty string instruments? I have a lefty Seagull S6 guitar, and I can't tell you what a RELIEF it is to finally be able to play "right".

Ridiculous. Stringed instruments are already 'left-handed' ... the task requiring the greatest dexterity (fingering the notes on the strings) is assigned to the left hand. What's next ... a 'left-handed' piano with the low notes on the right and high notes on the left for 'left-handed' pianists?


Gee, then pianists with only a right hand could play Ravel's "Concerto for the Left Hand." (It was composed for a pianist who lost his right hand in WW I.)


I can write with either hand, throw righty, bat and golf lefty. I have no idea if my bassoon is right or left handed, but if I play the dulcian, it is opposite handed.

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I'm left-handed at everything but using scissors, a product of a public school system that couldn't afford left-handed scissors for their students. I hear the situation hasn't gotten much better.


I appear to be right-footed, though - I kick with my right foot, and I usually take my first step with the right foot.



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I'm left-handed at everything but using scissors, a product of a public school system that couldn't afford left-handed scissors for their students. I hear the situation hasn't gotten much better.




My sister bought me a pair of left-handed scissors, but after years of using right-handed ones, I just can't switch. :P

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There has been quite a realization lately that there quite a few of us who are sinister. (Sparky, That means left handed.) :P

Sinister means "left" in Latin. The word for right is "Dexter." It was commonly believed that the good spirits watched you over your right shoulder, and the bad spirits over your left. That is why when you spilled salt, you were supposed to take a pinch with your right hand and throw it over your left shoulder (into the eyes of the bad spirits). This is why sinister has come to mean evil or malicious.


Just a bit of useless trivia.

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:P We are in good company us Geocaching southpaws! by the Way...the word southpaw

came from Baseball " Left-handed pitchers are called southpaws because in the old West Side Chicago ballpark, their left arms would be on the south side since they were facing west".

Here are some "famous" (or infamous) lefties. LEFT ON!


Norman Schwarzkopf

Martina Navratilova

Jimi Hendrix

Charlie Chaplin

Ted Williams

Shoeless Joe Jackson

Babe Ruth

Sandy Koufax

Steve Carlton - the best pitcher who ever drew breath!

Jimmy Connors

John McEnroe

Gerald Ford

Earl Anthony

Leonardo da Vinci



Paul Klee


Bob Dylan

Ringo Starr

Paul McCartney

Harpo Marx

Oprah Winfrey

Goldie Hawn

Jerry Seinfeld

Bruce Boxleitner

Harry Andersen

Whoopi Goldberg

Dennis Quaid

Matt Dillon

Andrew McCarthy

Howie Mandel

Diane Keaton

Phil Collins

Betty Grable

Howard Keel

June Allyson

Bruce Willis

Demi Moore

Ryan O'Neil

Richard Dreyfus

Tom Cruise

Natalie Cole

All of the Manhattan Transfer

George Michael

Ron Perlman

Mark Spitz

Sandy Koufax

Napoleon Bonaparte

Julius Caesar

Benjamin Franklin

Albert Einstein


Pablo Picasso

Jack the Ripper

Billy the Kid

Alexander the Great

George II

Queen Victoria

Prince Charles

James A. Garfield

Harry Truman

Nelson Rockefeller

Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach (J.S. Bach's Son)

W. C. Fields

Dick Van Dyke

Carol Brunett

Cloris Leachman

Danny Kaye

Peter Fonda

Paul Michael Glaser

Michael Landon

Robert Redford

Judy Garland

Marlyn Monroe

Kim Novak

Vida Blue

Ty Cobb

Whitey Ford

Reggie Jackson

Ron Guidry

The Boston Strangler

Stan Musial

Bob Charles

Sam Adams

Ronald Reagan -- well, we can't win `em all . . .

George Bush -- Man, we REALLY can't win `em all . . . ;)

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