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Anybody Using A Garmin Emap?

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HHHm....I would tend to steer clear of those, from what I have heard they aren't as "druable" as their other models, and they are not waterproof either, the Garmin techs told me they would be hesitant to even use them in the rain at all. They are great for the car though, my friend has one, but for geocaching, I would recomend a more durable model.

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I have an eMap and a Legend (and a 60C). I actually tend to use the eMap (with a 128MB Data Card) more than the Legend! I've found the Legend's 8MB of mapping memory to be a hinderance when using MetroGuide maps (which I love to use). I also like the external antenna option a lot too.


The eMap's map page has a compass/pointer arrow. It shows a compass when you're not navigating, and shows an arrow and the cardinal letters while navigating a route or to a waypoint.


You can download the manual at:



Page 15 of the manual (20 of 52 in Acrobat's page counter) explains in more detail about the map page functions and options.


Since I got my 60C, I don't use the Legend or the eMap any more. If I had to choose between the two as backup to my 60C, I think I'd choose to keep the eMap.


Just my 2¢ worth :rolleyes:

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from what I have heard they aren't as "druable" as their other models, and they are not waterproof either, the Garmin techs told me they would be hesitant to even use them in the rain at all.


I have my eMap mounted on my ATV and have had no pronlems with it. It has taken the abuse very well I think since it does get splahed with mud and water. I don't think it would take a dunking but for me, it has stood up to the elements very well IMO.

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The eMap does not have a built in compass which would show what direction you are facing, but it has a direction indicator that shows what direction you are moving. It is as good as other units as function is concerned. It is not waterproof but they sell a fitted yellow rubber cover which greatly improves the water resistance. I would not hesitate to use it for geocaching, just carry a ZipLoc bag with you. AquaPac makes nice waterproof cases for GPS units, I use them with the eMap on my kayak.

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IMO the eMap is one of the most versatile early generation Garmin units. It is well suited to hiking, geocaching, cycling, and car use. If I had to have only one GPS it would be my eMap. Nice feature is the distance display which switches from miles down to yards then down to feet automatically, useful for caching.

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I use an Emap from time to time and except for the fact that it is not waterproof it is just about the most bang for the buck around. The display is bigger that the G-3+ or G-5 and is much more readable when driving form one site to the next. If you load the Metroguide maps you get all the POI info and next street pop ups and it will "lock on road" while you are driving. The yellow boot and a ziplock bag solve the rain problems. You cannot customize the display fields but overall it is a very versatile unit with lots of memory capability.

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I use an Emap, and while it is the only one I have owned, it has served me well.


It has been through rain (not a downpour), and dropped a few times (off a car onto pavement). No durability problems for me..


At the time I bought it, I was concerned about buying more GPS than I neded. Now, I am glad I bought what I did.


Emap is a nice, VERY versatile GPS.


If it ever dies, it wil be replaced with another mapping gps.

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My first GPS was the E-Map. I loved this little unit. It went through hell and never once let me down. I used it in the rain, snow etc and never had a problem. I traded it for a Magellan Meridian Gold. I felt the E-Map was a MUCH better unit than the Magellan and missed it. I sold the Magellan and bought a new Garmin. I don't think you could go wring with the E-Map....

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I had an eMap and a GPS III+ but found I hardly ever used the III+ so I gave it to my daughter. She played some with my eMap and decided she didn't like the III+ as much either so we traded it for a second eMap.


I think I've performed sufficient "durability tests" on my eMap over the last four years. The most frequent use is on bicycle rides and it has endured over 24000 miles strapped to my handlebars and subject to frequent bumps and vibration without any problems. While I was first experimenting with mounting arrangements the eMap once came loose when I hit a bump at 20 mph and it went flying about 6' up before crashing down on the pavement. Knocked the battery cover off but didn't hurt anything. It's also been through numerous rain showers without problems, but when I take it kayaking I put it in a waterproof AquaPac.


I find the eMap works great for a wide variety of uses - hiking, geocaching, bicycling, kayaking, and driving. When you get a used one check the firmware version and upgrade at Garmin's website if it's not at least 2.75 - the eMap has had many features added through new firmware.

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An eMap was my first GPS and I found many caches with it. I believe it to be durable as a few times I have slipped on ice and it went flying only to suffer no damage. I've caches in pouring rain and many drizzles. Just don't let water go through the battery compartment and into the data chip slot. No big deal.


I keep it for when I have someone come with me on a hunt otherwise I use my Garmin V and now my GPSMAP60. Yeah, I'm bragging. :P

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I have a friend that has an Emap. He uses it on his 4 wheeler and is not afraid to get it wet at all and it never has given him any problems when splashing in the mud etc. I also used it a while back for geocaching and found it to be more accurate than my Vista. I think it would be a good starter unit if you are picking it up at a good price. Used in good shape for around 50 bucks would be great.


Just my 2 cents



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:smile: Thanks everybody,


I picked it up new w/o box or manual fro 35.


Love it so far, where can I locate the yellow rubber cover?


You got a pretty sweet deal!


You can get the cover on eBay


If you did not get a serial PC interface cable, you can get one on eBay from THIS REPUTABLE VENDOR.


You can download the manual from Garmin for free HERE!


ENJOY!!! :mad:

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Seems as though you got a great deal on the price. I have one and I really like it...very versatile. Like most of the people here have already said, supposedly it isn't waterproof...so find you some type of cover/protector for it. I think you will enjoly it. :mad: Now get out there and do some 'caching'...!!! :smile:

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I have one, its a hand me down from my father in law. I love it!! I had wanted to geocache for a while, but did not want to splurge on a GPSr. Once I got it, I loved it. It has been through thick and thin with me and I have found it to be very accurate. I carry a compass with me, so I don't need the compass feature. It definitely points me in the correct direction.



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