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:ph34r: Googlism's Search on geocacher --


geocacher is a person involved in geocaching

geocacher is selected entirely at random using www

geocacher is moving it to a new cache

geocacher is ready for new adventures

geocacher is updated here

geocacher is to leave a trinket for every trinket taken and note the trade in the log

geocacher is updated often

geocacher is a handheld global positioning satellite receiver

geocacher is the meaning of "soap"

geocacher is this an appropriate guide?

geocacher is this an appropriate guide? let us know if any of these guides are inappropriate

geocacher is dit voor mij de winkel

geocacher is told there is something there with the proper coordinates

geocacher is this an appropriate guide? get to that climbing wall fast with gps??

geocacher is deliberately removing her caches

geocacher is going to eat opened/unopened food that was= left by a stranger

geocacher is going to eat opened/unopened food that was left = by a

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Some highlight from JMB googlism search:

jmb is "quirky enough

jmb is progressing slowly but steadily

jmb is injured and it is his knee

jmb is to terminate


jmb is one of the very few pianists who has these" says joachim kühn and wishes the spaniard more attention for his remarkable work


jmb is currently available

jmb is embarking on a stream

jmb is also in the garage with radiator problems after a spin

jmb is expected to save $1

jmb is taking a little break

jmb is mundane makes it unique

jmb is right behind me and to my left

jmb is here


And this is the best one...

jmb is a psychopath and a pathological liar


I didn't think they knew so much about me.

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Here's what I got for Radman:


radman is the only personal protection monitor on the market that incorporates both an e

radman is accomplished satisfactorily

radman is trusted by

radman is the essence of temporary complete and absolute coolness

radman is concealed under a cap made of dielectric material which to a great extent compensates for the effects of proximity to the

radman is a vital companion that ensures personal safety

radman is a private investor as

radman is already the only personal monitor which measures both e and h fields

radman is an associate professor of business administration and a former director of business administration programs for the atlanta **

radman is a cpa and attorney

radman is a free

radman is currently seeking other means to keep acid up and running ***

radman is only 20 & lewis is but 22

radman is licensed to practice law in the state of west virginia and southern

radman is the director general of microsoft croatia

radman is right here choky

radman is the 45

radman is the manager

radman is reminded of the star wars discussion in "chasing amy" <khajja> hs

radman is great and very nice *******

radman is awesome ********

radman is a freshman at red hook high school

radman is fluent in several languages and is reported to be a dynamic conversationalist in all of them

radman is a small

radman is one of lc's greatest run producers

radman is the technical director at trace laboratories east

radman is a freshman from st

radman is also part of the no

radman is survived by his wife of 59 years ****

radman is at the faculté de médecine necker

radman is replying to this message

radman is a first

radman is ranked 977 and has played for 20h25m in 31 days

radman is an attractive interface for "rad" devices

radman is a realtor who can help you buy or sell

radman is engaged *****

radman is a weenie *

radman is a member of the society of former students of the university of zagreb and was active from the beginning of the aggression against croatia in ******

radman is professor of cell biology at the university of paris v

radman is ranked 977 and has played for 20h3m in 31 days

radman is a transitional area between the large alluvial fan

radman is making off like some kinda bandit

radman is very wrong in saying that

radman is in line to inherit hemingford hall

radman is clearly revolutionary and will surely lead to overwhelming developments

radman is almost

radman is something

radman is

radman is on the loose

radman is a realtor who can help you buy or sell homes and other real estate in the columbia

radman is still the best code around and i support if fully

radman is #101

radman is requesting approval of a conditional use permit for altair inc

radman is the new head


* Personally I don't like being called a weenie! :ph34r:

** I never knew I had an associates in Business Administration and run a company in Atlanta!

*** How did they know that I love acid??

**** I never knew I died and was married for 59 years!

***** Again, I neevr knew I was married!

****** I also never knew I helped start aggression against Croatia!

******* I know that I am great and very nice.....

******** And awesome!


Edit: Made some extra funny obversations

Edited by radman_7_of_8
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bella is a gorgeous exotic latina

bella is my new pup

bella is eating

bella is a beautiful shrub or small tree with slender branches bearing dark green

bella is the first monthly regional chinese language woman's magazine

bella is is a 1964 volkswagon

bella is a very brave and adventuresome creature

bella is a beautiful large boned bitch with a great head and the most laid back personality

bella is hot

bella is probably the most highly qualified dog in the state

bella is italian

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Saxophone gave me some better results than GPSaxophone:


saxophone is greatest in the

saxophone is the second smallest sax in the saxophone

saxophone is an exact

saxophone is a musical instrument of the woodwind family

saxophone is a woodwind instrument

saxophone is the most sublime and versatile instrument and if you are a bit of a show off

saxophone is a member of the woodwind family but is made of metal


Am I really a show off? :ph34r:

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I had like 117 lines for PTO - Ive edited out some, but left the better ones.....


pto is y2k ready

pto is high tech

pto is structured

pto is You!

pto is a technology

pto is considering a move to another system

pto is in a rebuilding year

pto is $2

pto is handing out too many invalid business method patents

pto is the problem

pto is recorded in tenths of hours; minimum amount of time chargeable to pto is one tenth

pto is a power take off

pto is operating voltage

pto is enabled

pto is the simplest and least expensive

pto is gearing up for a terrific year

pto is a parent

pto is not vacation

pto is needed? depends upon the work a tractor will do

pto is that and much more

pto is like comparing apples and oranges

pto is not allowed to retain the present level of collected user fees

pto is exploring new and unique ideas to help pave the way for future north stars

pto is not shielded

pto is a very busy group

pto is but i am wondering if it is suspect

pto is not taxpayer funded

pto is certainly lucky to have her in the corner

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I had like a crap load but picked a couple...


cwl is a bit of a roundabout way to accomplish my goal

cwl is a complete hardware

cwl is enthusiastic

cwl is the sole member

cwl is getting a leader who likes to share the pie

cwl is very important to me

cwl is a participant in the world

cwl is approximately 1

cwl is a 1 <- Uhh... they left out the 0 (10) :ph34r:

cwl is doing

cwl is inexpensive <- Hey! I resent that... :ph34r:

cwl is pro

cwl is rather easy <- Doh! :P

cwl is listed as the 'no

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Google doesn't know enough about Geo Ho yet.


But it sure as heck knows about stuff!!


Googlism for: stuff


stuff is tight

stuff is enough?

stuff is hard

stuff is here

stuff is up for grabs

stuff is just a click away

stuff is on the internet?

stuff is real as hell

stuff is home

stuff is done

stuff is made

stuff is in

stuff is gold

stuff is good

stuff is a mountain treasure

stuff is fun

stuff is funny

stuff is great

stuff is kool

stuff is delicious

stuff is killing me i got out of bed more slowly than usual today

stuff is what you need

stuff is gettin

stuff is too hot too handle

stuff is just that

stuff is cool

stuff is eclectic

stuff is on the way

stuff is secret

stuff is legal

stuff is much harder than it looks on tv

stuff is happening

stuff is the best stuff

stuff is the best stuff increased sex drive

stuff is there

stuff is cooler than i


Happy caching and stuff!!! :ph34r:

Edited by Geo Ho
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Googlism for: white man


white man is killed

white man is a filthy beast

white man is a criminal

white man is killed the telegraph david blair in karoi july 25

white man is entirely disinterested as a race in taking up the white man's burden

white man is written in the imperative

white man is the devil i'm working on a pro

white man is the devil

white man is that he didn't take the time to ask about what the little figure he was so taken with really meant

white man is poor and lives in slums

white man is very much alone in this world of women and gays whining for equality and yelling discrimination

white man is trying to temp the black man all over the earth to take part with the white man in evil and filth

white man is now angry because allah

white man is left grounded

white man is in front of the line and the black man is waiting in the back

white man is the strong so thinks the white man white man enslaves innocent human beings because of color man is so ignorant enslaving many men whom have

white man is the evil one

white man is very clever

white man is always the alien

white man is blasphemy

white man is not physically stronger than the black man

white man is now a tiny minority in the world

white man is allowed to lord it over the colored man so long as the coloreds are

white man is condoning on his own home territory

white man is responsible for

white man is falling hourly

white man is an absolute sweetheart of a guy

white man is not relevant to

white man is this guy talking about?

white man is a little

white man is called baas

white man is again trying to sell the black man his dirty cotton

white man is making him play the game with no respect for his team or fans?

white man is the cross we bear

white man is very shrewd and very tricky and he uses all kinds of words saying 'we want to help the indigenous people

white man is to tell him a lie

white man is back

white man is the greatest source of evil and

white man is coming from allah

white man is inevitable

white man is still in control of the game

white man is the leader

white man is imbedded in our culture no other interracial couple is shown as much

white man is the only real

white man is mighty "onsartain

white man is keeping him down

white man is dying

white man is here as a second citizen

white man is by far the most important

white man is the enemy

white man is simply a tool of the conman

white man is his standard bearer and

white man is concerned

white man is shivering

white man is the assumption on the part of most people

white man is refered to as the devil

white man is doing a good job

white man is married to a black woman

white man is dead

white man is to sing

white man is to blame

white man is frantic with fear and speaks of more security and more laws

white man is evil" haven't paid attention to the very last part of his life

white man is incapable of thinking for himself

white man is my street name

white man is made very glad

white man is up to no good

white man is aided by the maiden of the woods

white man is gonna say about them

white man is constructed of solid materials

white man is now paying california indians for their land

white man is a science

white man is behaving like we do

white man is angry

white man is gonna combat this expected mulatto threat and thinnin of their milkass blood and vanilla pearl culture is to clone white children and

white man is in the land where he is

white man is to tell

white man is de ruler of everything as fur as ah been able tuh find out

white man is

white man is getting screwed

white man is moving in

white man is feeling weak and needs a drink

white man is unable to cast any speaking image to this day

white man is always trying to keep me down

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:ph34r: C

Type in the word "Dude" I cannot post the return for this word here!

programmer is a

programmer is easiest available

programmer is looking for a job

programmer is een low

programmer is a familiar face

programmer is born

programmer is a true java programmer

programmer is required

programmer is seeking employment

programmer is just as good as a new java

programmer is needed

programmer is released

programmer is a killer

programmer is available i am looking for freelance job with php/mysql

programmer is a creator of universes for which he alone is responsible

programmer is easiest available solution to meet goverment's new "best practice" specification for home central

programmer is looking for a job in the netherlands

programmer is nuts

programmer is available

programmer is a familiar face by peter cohen

programmer is it a numeric value in pl/sql ? thread352

programmer is in 3

programmer is not endorsed by

programmer is a sophisticated power supply controller which allows an operator to manage a superconducting magnet

programmer is expected to conduct system analysis and development

programmer is not a wizard

programmer is a wizard

programmer is stocking up; creates web site for recipes

programmer is the ultra lowcost for pic16c84

programmer is powered by the rs

programmer is designed for eeproms of 24 or 28 pins and capacity of up to 64k

programmer is described here

programmer is capable of working 30

programmer is a person who writes codes to give information and commands for a computer to do particular tasks

programmer is told about the tao and follows it

ouldn't find programmer64 but heres what was returned for programmer:

Edited by programmer64
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(Some of the completely dumb/nonsensical ones edited out...)


cheesehead is a regal rank

cheesehead is better than a fib; chicago is the second fattest city in the us; milwaukee is 22

cheesehead is a great addition to your workstation

cheesehead is up in the dells right now and he tells me everytime he visits the dells

cheesehead is the same type you see at most of the packers games

cheesehead is shaped like a traditional baseball cap

cheesehead is definitely better than liverhead

cheesehead is actually a certain type of wisconsinite

cheesehead is a miniature duplicate of this foam headgear and is made by the same company that makes the larger versions

cheesehead is not so bad

cheesehead is a force to be reckoned with in roller hockey

cheesehead is just the spunk we needed to help round out the team

cheesehead is a compliment

cheesehead is third in the big ten in rebounding at 8

cheesehead is always going to slam dunk a bud bottle in the bike lane

cheesehead is a cheesehead

cheesehead is back from her trip around the world

cheesehead is the name given to engine casing screws

cheesehead is ahmed johnson and am looking

cheesehead is a way of life

cheesehead is a symbol that's very important to our history and tradition

cheesehead is scheduled to appear

cheesehead is from wisconsin mark daddio cleaned up in ds winning both the super solo and

cheesehead is born

cheesehead is not exactly a compliment

cheesehead is me

cheesehead is back by cheesehead animations at oct

cheesehead is coveted when mike rawlings took over as pizza hut’s president

cheesehead is the newest multi

cheesehead is making that long trip primarily for the greenbacks but my partner has never ever caught a big cat and i'd like to see his face

cheesehead is snoring next to me

cheesehead is (Kind of Zen, huh?)

cheesehead is contemporary

cheesehead is such an ego

cheesehead is going to turn happy into another language of pain

cheesehead is a kind of hat worn by fans of the green bay

cheesehead is a symbol

cheesehead is like calling king kong big

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Googlism for: lulu


lulu is alive


lulu is looking up something


lulu is just another of the hundreds of lobster boats they see everyday


lulu is a beautiful enchantress blessed with an hourglass figure and flashing


lulu is an experience only this new medium can allow


lulu is now a worldwide phenomenon


lulu is taken into custody and found guilty because everyone knows a lulu is a vixen that will take men to their death


lulu is an odyssey of sexual pursuit


lulu is having her portrait painted


lulu is one of those one in a million women who has it


lulu is a young woman who possesses a heady combination of powerful sexuality and waifish innocence that has made her the object of ardent admiration


lulu is everywhere visitors to terra firma are familiar with lulu


lulu is a work with a fascinating history


lulu is also difficult because of the forces involved


lulu is the bomb


lulu is special in many ways


lulu is latvia's number one pizza chain


lulu is a handsome spayed female senior beagle


lulu is compelling because she's passive


lulu is the ultimate role model


lulu is sentenced to five years for manslaughter


lulu is easily the finest musical i have seen in this decade and possibly the next


lulu is the star of the comics


lulu is labeled as "the strongest female character in the history of final fantasy"


lulu is a very loving dog


lulu is from germany


lulu is a victim of her own nature


lulu is better because of her black magic


lulu is a compelling look at one woman who refused to be controlled by anyone


lulu is eyeing you


lulu is a terrific host & works to get to know each of her customers personally


lulu is looking up something


lulu is now a worldwide phenomenon


lulu is devastatingly beautiful


lulu is a very loving and talkative bird


lulu is a phenomenon


lulu is one of those one in a million women who has it


lulu is supposedly an erotic version of this sexually charged story


lulu is swinging in the park


lulu is a prostitute and the social implications of performing this work go far beyond the opera itself


lulu is an odyssey of sexual pursuit


lulu is a young woman who possesses a heady combination of powerful sexuality


YEAH RIGHT.....roflmao big time...

Edited by woof n lulu
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Googlism for: jogps


jogps is evil

jogps is currently at 999 caches found

jogps is a freind of mine and he came over one day and showed me his gps and told me about geocaching


I am still evil, have a few more finds, and will talk to you about geocaching till you beg me to stop……………………JOE

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It dosn't know joinsmith97


Googlism for: charles


charles is god

charles is queen of the meadow

charles is on page 667 of thayer's new testament lexicon

charles is a former newspaper and magazine editor and publisher

charles is the anti

charles is joined in death by another boy

charles is the senior manager for military to civilian

charles is `grateful' sons' privacy respected

charles is free

charles is still polluted

charles is clean

charles is surfing dahomey

charles is reading by emily wiltshire

charles is longer in charge in philadelphia

charles is a real estate

charles is being charles' 03/13/02

charles is sinking

charles is on fire

charles is a real estate agent in

charles is located in central saginaw county

charles is special because…

charles is evil

charles is hot

charles is driven from of london to oxford

charles is defeated at battle of marston moor

charles is cal state hayward’s director of information and

charles is queen of the meadow by brenda kahn

charles is purported to fit more prophecies for the anti

charles is joined in death by another boy published may 8

charles is a delegate from uganda kukkakimppu kulttuurierona muut jutut 4/99

charles is

charles is the senior manager for pegasus careers in cincinnati

charles is `grateful' sons' privacy respected `it makes such a difference' prince tells photographers

charles is a vibrant community of 3

charles is reading" emily wiltshire

charles is scared

charles is trusted by

charles is in charge

charles is now seen more often in public with parker bowles

charles is among the top 3 realtors in rapid city

charles is being charles' barkley's comments get no support

charles is the biblical antichrist

charles is a real estate agent in rapid city

charles is an expert on data mining

charles is set to visit organic farms and agricultural projects in germany and poland this summer in order to view the various techniques and methods

charles is a crackhead

charles is special because… first grade class 2001

charles is very knowledgeable about the business and has a keen eye for talent

charles is connected to the following things

charles is a descendant of king david

charles is a tradition that dates back more than 30 years when the nationally famous kane county flea market launched a monthly tradition that has continued

charles is sexually attracted to jean

charles is both an electrical and mechanical engineer

charles is not licensed to practice medicine in all jurisdictions and he has no way to determine where you will receive his e

charles is on outstanding person as well as teacher

charles is perfect for those students who like to roll out of bed two minutes before class

charles is the largest social event of the american rowing year

charles is free" by john gorka 1991 intro

charles is also a certified

charles is located 2 miles from us 13

charles is much more than that

charles is currently the director for computing services for the college of engineering at michigan state university

charles is very pleased to have received a letter from home

charles is life itself

charles is leading the way and she is ready"

charles is nestled in the quiet valley

charles is also very interested in patterns

charles is the central house for the cincinnati province of the missionaries of the precious blood

charles is the author of numerous training manuals and articles

charles is brought on cruises in the family yachts

charles is an artist endorser for fender/guild corporation

charles is the 1

charles is a member of the firm's prosecution section

charles is accessible by all the means of transport

charles is dispatched to take command of things

charles is a truly great river as long as you don't feel a need to get in it

charles is a loser

charles is a civil celebrant

charles is currently in the studio working on the follow

charles is the conservative foreign affairs spokesman in the european parliament and

charles is the killer

charles is given a five

charles is on a star on hollywood boulevard's walk of fame

charles is an established minister

charles is california state university

charles is registered with the yoga alliance at the 500 hour level

charles is a man

charles is a member of the technologyand society domain and the wai domain at w3c

charles is also a coach of ayso youth soccer

charles is an award

charles is an

charles is busily

charles is located in the bernon heights section of woonsocket

charles is filled with a sense of duty to his country

charles is your best friend

charles is no longer at said school

charles is currently edits the newsletter bulletin board and has previously created the puzzle pages

charles is a talented psychologist who gives practical

charles is the company's ceo and publisher

charles is able to fundamentally change horse behaviors through his foundation training

charles is the center of kane county

charles is both a legend and a genius

charles is kept on or near 19th november

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If you can't beat them....


Googlism doesn't know Doc-Dean but he does know Dean!

I point your attention to the first two and just ignore number 3!!


dean is not dead

dean is in

dean is still a fraud & media shill

dean is appointed by

dean is considered one of the greatest

dean is elected to national academy

dean is named at graduate school of public health

dean is eager to start from

dean is elected to society's governing board

dean is one of ft pierce area's

dean is a shooting star

dean is nominated to top nih post

dean is princeton's top pick

dean is new provost

dean is a copy cat

dean is said to be

dean is a punk

dean is gone

dean is the sexiest

dean is chosen for b&e

dean is contributor to book about the nature

dean is a lifesaver

dean is not dead is under reconstruction

dean is

dean is still a fraud & media shill dan frisa monday

dean is appointed

dean is new master of silliman college in a letter to the silliman college community announcing the appointment

dean is also a staple member of the bk im b hoops team

dean is appointed by governors

dean is winter chef

dean is considered one of the greatest mathematicians in graph theory

dean is elected to national academy of sciences

dean is eager to start from scratch

dean is right

dean is a familiar face

dean is nominated to top nih post 4/01/02 ? vol

dean is a professor in the computer science department at brown university

dean is a fiscal conservative who's for gay civil unions

dean is appointed by the

dean is national chair

dean is an ex

dean is expected to provide effective leadership which will contribute to the further development of graduate programs

dean is named special assistant to ui president

dean is said to be favored over gramm

dean is a punk dean is a punk but he doesn't have a band he just got job at recordland with hair tied back and dyed jet black a high school loser never looks

dean is coordinator of the campus lgbt resource center

dean is the sexiest man ever and i bet three bucks those jeans are levi's

dean is chosen for b&e

dean is also a co

dean is a strong supporter of public education and georgia educators know they can count on him for an even brighter

dean is chairman of the finance and public utilities committee and is secretary of the interstate cooperation committee

dean is friendly and approachable

dean is the chief officer of a division and as such is its executive head

dean is aan

dean is one of the busiest senators

dean is notified of anticipated program income

dean is coming to chat

dean is responsible for enquiring into an alleged breach of discipline by a student and for taking further action in accordance with

dean is a real jack

dean is dramatized in this biographical 2001 feature

dean is the highest academic authority in the faculty and is elected from the academic community of the faculty

dean is not asked to comment any other aspects of the business development plans for the company

dean is responsible for the overall management of the college

dean is charged with the responsibility of rendering a decision regarding whether the respondent has violated the standards of student conduct

dean is not just a performer

dean is currently road testing a number of possible apparatus which will allow the iguanas to reestablish adequate security

dean is starring in the copa room at night

dean is an experienced guy who will really help ease my workload

dean is an artistically schizophrenic gemini

dean is the managing partner of the washington

dean is serious about fall protection

dean is nominated by an ad hoc selection committee established by the senate

dean is an excellent professional role model for the faculty

dean is contributor to book about the nature of god

dean is one of the most distinctive parts of the united kingdom – distinct geographically

dean is a hero

dean is applied in indiana only to the main or massive limestone unit of former usage

dean is appointed by senate to lead and manage the academic

dean is known mainly for the historical romances she wrote in the 1980s

dean is also known by the name of vicar forane

dean is responsible for the definition

dean is appointed by the university's board of trustees

dean is a lifeguard for the gold coast city council

dean is no new comer to the music industry

dean is open to hearing that behaviors were not accurately perceived and it is only after hearing all sides of a case that they make a decision on

dean is considering what should be the school?s next goals in the area of information technology

dean is the perfect man

dean is a leader in life

dean is also responsible for reviewing graduate programs

dean is preparing to betray our brothers and sisters with aids

dean is the personal representative of the university?s president

dean is chief administrative officer of the graduate school

dean is on this site

dean is a very nice

dean is now the medical director of the center for biogerontology in pensacola

dean is yet another chance for the school to continue to gain stature and influence

dean is playing presidential politics at the expense of vermont?s children

dean is committed to providing vision and leadership in undergraduate education and to serving the needs of all undergraduate students including those with

dean is so overprotective and tall

dean is a perfect teacher concerning the natural environs around the bowron lakes

dean is an ordained minister

dean is a good guy

dean is the musician's musician

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I only edited out about 75% of this...sheesh! I highlighted a few that were amusing, or pertained to geocaching.


Yes, this is a stupid thread! :ph34r::P:ph34r:


septic tank is pumped to remove solids

septic tank is a self

septic tank is the minimum size that must be used for a home with three bedrooms or less

septic tank is a watertight box


septic tank is found to be above normal

septic tank is not improved by the addition of disinfectants or other chemicals

septic tank is usually determined by the location of major bathroom and kitchen plumbing within the home and by the slope of the land

septic tank is buried underground--Not!


septic tank is receiving water through leaky seals

septic tank is a buried watertight container made of concrete

septic tank is no longer protecting the drainfield from solids

septic tank is 500 gallons

septic tank is simply a big concrete or steel tank that is buried in the yard

septic tank is similar to changing the oil in your car or scheduling an annual physical with your doctor; it's a routine

septic tank is working well

septic tank is used for a home with three bedrooms

septic tank is a watertight container constructed of a sound

septic tank is an underground box constructed of reinforced concrete or plastic

septic tank is to condition the sewage so that effluent can percolate into the ground without clogging the soil

septic tank is one thing you'd rather ignore

septic tank is a pumped every 3

septic tank is collected in a small pumping station or tank

septic tank is a water tight chamber constructed of a durable material which is not subject to corrosion or decay

septic tank is broken down by anaerobic bacteria

septic tank is the first step of

septic tank is to trap solids and prevent them from entering the drainfield

septic tank is the responsibility of the householder

septic tank is blamed

septic tank is a testament to a simple

septic tank is a watertight container constructed of durable material resistant to corrosion or decay

septic tank is full of water

septic tank is a watertight container where bacteria assist in the breakdown of human waste

septic tank is the single most important component of the septic system

septic tank is an underground

septic tank is slightly higher than the outlet pipe and the tank is supposed to always be full

septic tank is not operating properly

septic tank is a watertight vault in which the purification process begins

septic tank is not routinely pumped out

septic tank is to receive household wastes

septic tank is the first stage of a private sewage disposal system

septic tank is important to the proper functioning of the septic field

septic tank is the most common cause of septic system failure

septic tank is a multi

septic tank is set into place

septic tank is the title of a popular bulletin of the university of minnesota extension service

septic tank is partially true


septic tank is functioning properly and is less than 1/3 full of sludge and scum

septic tank is a member of the family

septic tank is 1


septic tank is

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Googlism for: baritone saxophone


baritone saxophone is most commonly made from lacquered brass

baritone saxophone is large

baritone saxophone is much more comfortable and reliable in the low register

baritone saxophone is the third largest in the saxophone family

baritone saxophone is not much used outside of jazz and show bands

baritone saxophone is a good deal

baritone saxophone is a supremely flexible instrument

baritone saxophone is an excellent selection for today?s versatile saxophonist

baritone saxophone is absolutely superb

baritone saxophone is the largest of the "regular" saxophone family and comes in two sizes

baritone saxophone is usually used in jazz ensembles

baritone saxophone is a rendition that is not to be missed

baritone saxophone is essential

baritone saxophone is the big daddy of the saxophone family

baritone saxophone is many times larger than the clarinet

baritone saxophone is simply astonishing

baritone saxophone is the largest saxophone used in symphonic bands

baritone saxophone is doubled by the electric bass

baritone saxophone is my major instrument

baritone saxophone is not comfortable to play in a standing position

baritone saxophone is nothing like that of its siblings

baritone saxophone is given a lot of room and quite rightly too

baritone saxophone is often left alone to play the root of the chord

baritone saxophone is a man's horn

baritone saxophone is rich and full

baritone saxophone is similar to a alto saxophone

baritone saxophone is amazing

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phishy is under the table and dreaming at a dave mathews band page

phishy is called the "phishtank"

phishy is this big and well 'ard

phishy is bigger than this picture

phishy is going to stay home

phishy is going on around here by geoff adams staff writer i was looking at the calendar hanging in my kitchen the other day

phishy is ranked 14 and has played for 1h25m in 30 days real name

phishy is #linux

phishy is? take one guess

phishy is a small dublin based company that provides irish chat rooms

phishy is not entered in the current competition

phishy is pure h4x

phishy is now known as

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I looked and there is about 130,000 for Thumper, but I don't know how to break it down to the way y'all are posting it. So give a dumb bunny a clue.


Thumper :lol::rolleyes::D

thumper is a large

thumper is welcomed at the airport

thumper is back and its not from kfc sound system installation and design this is the interior of the club clarion chevy impala ss

thumper is excellent

thumper is much smaller and lighter than previous models

thumper is a novel instrument

thumper is modulely designed robot made up of three main parts

thumper is my mom?s faviorit pet

thumper is a

thumper is still recovering

thumper is a novel instrument designed to make 200 µm submillimetre observations from the ground – something that has never been done before

thumper is your muse altho he eats your bible??? that has to have some pyschological meaning

thumper is a californian male

thumper is mostly brown

thumper is properly maintained

thumper is super trick

thumper is ultra trick

thumper is now used by over 100

thumper is a drinking game

thumper is a stylish and energetic 65

thumper is an english loppy eared rabbit

thumper is the ultimate rabbit

thumper is a giant white netherland

thumper is one of tm2's greatest cars and it's a dadgum crying shame what 989 does to him

thumper is our best known beer

thumper is

thumper is currently crashed date

thumper is set to "permissive" mode for incoming list

thumper is devastated at the extent of his deception and decides instead to blackmail him

thumper is dead

thumper is the ability to map many points in a single dive

thumper is a popular fixture

thumper is certainly the best i have felt

thumper is a scale model of the machine designed by the nc state team to do all of the assembly and excavation of a lunar

thumper is a rabbit

thumper is a white and brindle female born in 1989

thumper is a mini rex

thumper is just one of them

thumper is scared by her obessesed ex

thumper is installed by a player

thumper is fully adjustable with 3 distinct thumping speeds to accommodate all body types and sizes

thumper is ideal for 2 person use

thumper is just an overall great guy who is looking for a loving home as a pasture pal

thumper is easy to control

thumper is an ideal compliment for small colonies along with the colonial

thumper is an alley cat who knows he is and is very proud that he is

thumper is my friend's rabbit

thumper is intense

thumper is cute this is a great movie

thumper is 3/4 pyr 1/4 german shepherd

thumper is sitting in a fantastic field filled with colorful flowers

thumper is indeed the palm bible program with the most reference materials in a nice

thumper is a beautiful black lab

thumper is a crucial part of the ska

thumper is chewing on furniture

thumper is probably the prettiest beagle i have ever seen

thumper is smaller and lighter than the thumper

thumper is street legal

thumper is a blast to ride

thumper is a device designed by the fremen to attract the giant sandworm or "shai

thumper is coming

thumper is one of the best examples of a european artefact skillfully keeping faithful to the original disney spirit

thumper is a simple and rather animalistic game

thumper is a scale model of a machine designed by the students to do all the assembly and excavation necessary to build a lunar

thumper is $761

thumper is a big stout good looking mule that can really walk down the trail

thumper is just over a year old and we sort of rescued him from a pet shop

thumper is comprised of two main parts

thumper is a big bully and not one to grasp details much

thumper is an example of what the romans would have termed a ludus ebrietati

thumper is a 4

thumper is built on a mauser 98k receiver

thumper is a return adoption to the humane society

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mopar is back in pro

mopar is back in pro stock 10/9/2002

mopar is giving us great hemi engines

mopar is the best

mopar is all about

mopar is the collective name for cars from chrysler corporation and includes chrysler

mopar is a lifestyle with the mopar muscle association

mopar is a vote for the top 100 mopar sites

mopar is a registered trademark of daimlerchrysler corporation and is used with their permission

mopar is any dodge

mopar is a trademark of chrysler

mopar is

mopar is okay as long as is occasional and not done to supplement your income

mopar is okay as long as it is not done to supplement your income

mopar is ok

mopar is a 1962 dodge custom 880 kevin has taken the car and done a lot of restoration and hard work

mopar is an abbreviation of motor parts which is chryslers after sales parts supplies

mopar is the only company that sells original equipment parts specifically for your chrysler

mopar is tearing up dirt tracks and high banks around the country with the thundering

mopar is and why they make accessories for jeeps

mopar is the generic term for chrysler

mopar is a nut for starting a topic that has such long replies

mopar is back in pro stock

mopar is the brand for your vehicle's authentic replacement parts

mopar is known for equipping and installing chrysler

mopar is a registered trade mark

mopar is the trade name for chrysler parts

mopar is geoho's slave

mopar is the brand for your vehicles's authentic replacement parts "keep it like new"

mopar is the premier high horsepower mopar publication

mopar is g

mopar is the choice of glass installation professionals with their reputation on the line

mopar is not a prerequisite for hmcc membership

mopar is and what mine looks like

mopar is whooping a** on the rest

mopar is galen govier documented

mopar is doing something new

mopar is going to buy a ford one day

mopar is just now showing up in stores

mopar is white and the 1972 and newer is yellow

mopar is directly relative to the value of the car

mopar is the right car

mopar is as close as it gets

mopar is a functional and stylin jacket

mopar is an all

mopar is in your area or you can travel

mopar is more than just parts

mopar is all we do

mopar is a registered trademark with daimler / chrysler

mopar is an abbreviation for the chrysler corporations 'motor parts' division

mopar is the motor parts division of chrysler

mopar is an interesting engine

mopar is going to be coming out with

mopar is a registered trademark of chrysler corp

mopar is pleased to announce a new mopar accessory warranty

mopar is a show winning

mopar is the brand for your vehicle’s authentic replacement parts

mopar is a registered trademark of daimlerchrysler

mopar is a registered trademark of chrysler corporation

mopar is not a chore

mopar is 35 years old today

mopar is committed to providing environmentally responsible parts that meet customers’ needs for enhanced performance

mopar is preserved for the good of the breed

mopar is an official trademark of the chrysler corporation

mopar is a great disapointment

mopar is the registered trademark of the daimlerchrysler corporation

mopar is a registered trademark

mopar is the manufacturer of the parts that go into the making of chrysler

mopar is burinig up

mopar is not responsable for anything posted here

mopar is allowed 365 ci

mopar is the volume leader from the late 60's to late 80's

mopar is a bit of a legend around the nats

mopar is a registered trademark of daimler chrysler

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It didn't know of wimseyguy but enter wimsey and: :D

Googlism for: wimsey


wimsey is staying at a country estate

wimsey is called in to investigate

wimsey is one of detective literature’s most popular creations

wimsey is not satisfied

wimsey is lively

wimsey is shocked when his brother is accused and seeks the truth

wimsey is just too peculiar without her

wimsey is 45 maybe next year :rolleyes:

wimsey is very thoroughly created and masterfully acted

wimsey is a frequent member of the bellona club

wimsey is asked to investigate the mysterious death of victor dean

wimsey is no lightweight bertie wooster :D

wimsey is a remarkable creation :lol:

wimsey is called back to investigate this murder

wimsey is involved in a race against time

wimsey is convinced there's more to do

wimsey is a delight throughout all of the books

wimsey is the driving force behind the novel

wimsey is still in poland on diplomatic duties

wimsey is the second son of the late duke of denver

wimsey is a brittany born april 13/ no it's May 3 to coincide with the first cache!

wimsey is my favorite

wimsey is invited to view a corpse which has been deposited in the bathtub of a architect

wimsey is one of detective literatures most popular creations

wimsey is developed very well over the course of clouds

wimsey is a retriever in a sheltie suit :D

wimsey is the major character

wimsey is perhaps the most atypically english of them all

wimsey is finally a rounded character

wimsey is faced with the difficult task of proving that the woman he has just fallen in love with did not murder her former lover by poisoning him :D

wimsey is both our first and the most handsome of bears :D

wimsey is more jarring than fun

wimsey is much more like sayer's character

wimsey is called upon to investigate the death of his sister's fiancé

wimsey is called on to catch more than trout during his fishing holiday in scotland when a local artist is found dead

wimsey is an excellent candidate for career change

wimsey is conscience

wimsey is initially a spectator at the trial

wimsey is my absolute favorite detective and this clever

wimsey is present when a valuable necklace is stolen

wimsey is eager to help her clear her name

wimsey is having to stay with my parents

wimsey is a very cool site B)

wimsey is here perhaps

wimsey is learning to obey each and every time :D

wimsey is highly critical of the left in general and russia in particular :P

wimsey is soon on the case

wimsey is one of the immortal sleuths of the golden age of detective fiction/geocaching :D

wimsey is known to have spent time overseas on vague secret missions for the government :D

wimsey is more to your tastes

wimsey is a fictional character in a series of detective novels and short stories by dorothy l sayers

Now that makes sense since my username comes from Lord Peter Wimsey, my wife's favoirte literary character. :D

Edited by wimseyguy
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Geesh mtn-man! You're making me look bad!


I shoulda done Mopar. Oh well! Stuff is better anyway. Without Mopar there wouldn't be any stuff.


Stuff is happenin'

Stuff is good

Not everybody has it, but everybody should.


Stuff is natural

Stuff is fun

Stuff is best when it one-on-one.


(Clearly plagiarized for George Michael)


Happy caching and stuff! :rolleyes:

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