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What's Your Furthest Ftf?

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If your area's cachers are anything like mine, you probably have a lot of them that love to get the First-To-Finds (FTF). I have quite a few myself (26 & counting :blink: ) but most are close to my home. This thread is about how far you've gone to grab a FTF.


I've got the following FTF's that are the furthest from my place...


Trubute to a Macot - 44.7 miles

Aphorisms Cache - 45.1 miles

Ghostbusters - 48.2 miles

Sandy Lake Potty Stop - 48.7

Well... Where is it? - 66 miles


So my furthest FTF is Well... Where is it? at 66 miles from my home.


Btw, probably the easiest way to check the distance from your home is to go into your Account Information setup here and enter your Home Coordinates. That's more accurate than using your zip code. Next do a search From your Home Coordinates on your My Cache Page. Find your furthest FTF's and return here and let us know what the mileage is!

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I don't have many FTF's because I don't care if I'm the first or 50th to find (and Bassoonpilot gets them all anyway). But I do recall my first FTF and it was also my furthest. It was The Vernon Cache, which is 19.6 miles from my house as the cow flies. Probably another 15 miles of driving to get there though, as there is no direct route.


I just missed a few that were 400 miles away. I was out hunting caches near Erie Pa, while visiting my in-laws. The day after I left, I received an e-mail from the owner of one of the caches I found, giving me a heads up about several new ones he placed and were awating approval. When I looked, they were approved and only a few miles from my in-law's house. If I left a day later I could have probably bagged all three as a FTF.


No big deal. I'll get them on my next visit and be the 20th, or 30th to find.,

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We've found a few on Maui. We live in Oregon. That's about 2600 miles. The first FTF we got there was a couple of years ago. It's called Haleakala Bike Cache. The cache was about a month old when we got it. But we found a couple of firsties last spring too.

I'm still hoping to be FTF an abandoned cache in a wilderness area in Colorado, unless Tahosa beats me to it!

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My furthest is 98 Miles as the crow flys, or 138 miles by road (according to Microsoft Streets and Trips).


It was a night cache put together to be done as an after event type thing. (It was also listed as it's own cache). We drove over scoring 25 caches and 2 more FTF's along the way, for a total of three FTF's that day.


There were about 20 people searching for that cache, and had been for close to half an hour before I spotted it right under our noses.

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March 16, 2003, was one of my favorite days ever for geocaching. Did I get 25 finds that day? Nope. I was FTF on two great caches, which consumed the entire day. It was the first warm day of spring, when you could go outside without a jacket. I began with Heart Attack at Sunrise, one of the most challenging multicaches in the Pittsburgh area. From there I went to Quest Master's Iron Alliance, a cache so remote, so rocky and so wet that it has only had four other finders since my initial visit. I won't soon forget being discovered by a group of heavily armed ATV riders who rode by just as I was halfway across in a thigh-high icy stream crossing. With my pants and boots around my neck. Think Ned Beatty in "Deliverance."


At 25.5 and 37.8 miles from home, these are two of my most distant FTF's. That won't win any contests but I would not trade that day of geocaching for anything.

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My furthest FTF was about 600 miles. We were on our way home from California and just happened to take a different route home (to get caches off our normal route). One had just been placed a day or two before we got there.

I think my furthest was about 35 miles. But it doesn't matter cause Smurf boy has one 600 miles away. :ph34r: I do however have 31 of them. I don't know if it's worthy of a new thread so I'll just ask it here. How many FTF does everyone have?

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My furthest official FTF is Did George Sleep Here? It is 35.7 miles from my home.


But I did find another that was 106 miles from home while I was searching for Top of the Wolfden. Here's an excerpt from my log of the Wolfden cache.


We stopped a few times for some photo oportunities and once we spotted a newly hidden cache along the trail. We were the first to sign the log book and at last check a few minutes ago, this cache still hasn't been posted on the site yet! When it does post, I'll definitely mention in my log that it needs to be moved a bit further off the trail. Otherwise it will be muggled very soon.


I never got to log that FTF cache we stumbled across because the hider never did list it. :ph34r:

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0 Miles -


It's nearly impossible to get a FTF in my area.  You have to get up at 0-dark:30 to beat out CT Trampers, RJFerret and AlphaDog.  :P






Happy caching and stuff[\i]!  I like stuff[\i], don't you?  :P

:D Don't forget Zurcher! :ph34r:

AND Zurcher.


Sheesh! A girl can't catch a break!





Happy caching and stuff! Lots and lots of stuff!

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I thought mine was good before I started reading. 498 Mi. while on a fishing trip to Ontario Canada. But we also picked up another FTF while there at 433 mi. away. Even if I add them together it's still short, but it was a memorable trip none the less. What made it even more amazing was during our trip we planned on a couple days in the U.P. caching. Before leaving there were two new caches placed and we had thoughts of being FTF on these as well. After stopping at a few caches along our planned route, we read in the logbooks of another cacher who seemed to be just hours ahead of us. Sure enough, they had beaten us to both FTF's. Disappointed, we continued on, and I half jokingly said I was really going to be upset if I read his name in the logbook when we get all the way to Chapleau Ont. Fortunately, we did make the FTF there, but then after we returned home and started logging our finds, we read he had also logged the Chapleau cache a day after us. I almost fell out of my chair laughing. It's a small caching world after all.

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I have 1 and that was unplanned, unintentional and an absolute surprise.



Have you broken the news to Mopar yet? B):P

:D:P:D:ph34r::D:ph34r:B):P ROFLMAO!!



Sheesh! I guess a girl can't catch a break.



Don't be mad at me...you're the one I quoted!




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Well, shoot. I've decided it isn't very impressive after all.


Right Wing Whacko was telling me about a new cache no one was finding (and we're talking about the people in the state that are daBomb, you know?) and so I got a while hair and decided I'd have a go myself.


The cache is GCHC56 - Volunteer Park - New and Improved, but after plotting it, it's only 84 miles from home via the GPS, and 112 road miles.


Fun, but really, eh.


I did kick their a**es tho. That was worth sumthin'.


Then there was this other one... Criminal's Write it Yourself. Same bat story. A friend was telling me how he and his buddies just couldn't find it. I went out one day and had a look around with my kids, and decided it was deserving of some time w/o the kids (and not during the waning daylight hours) so I gathered up a passel of taller folks and went back.


FTF there as well, but it was only 58.2 Crow Miles... 93 road miles.


Great fun, no matter the distance!





*edited out foul, non-kid-friendly language*

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I'm pretty lame, but you asked, so here is my answer: 42.2 miles. It was my first first to find, and I drove specifically there to be first. Since then, I have had two others, about half that distance. This time of year around here it's pretty easy to be first if you just make the effort to go out on a weekday. The most recent two FTFs have been in the snow, and we've gotten several more inches today.

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I'm still hoping to be FTF an abandoned cache in a wilderness area in Colorado, unless Tahosa beats me to it!


This is to Team GPS saxaphone. Tried to e-mail you but link did not %$#&*(## go at all, so posting here.

Where is this cache you speak of? I live CO also. Maybe we can make it a bit of a challenge. I like the out there sorts of caches.


Team Thin Air

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I'm still hoping to be FTF an abandoned cache in a wilderness area in Colorado, unless Tahosa beats me to it!


This is to Team GPS saxaphone. Tried to e-mail you but link did not %$#&*(## go at all, so posting here.

Where is this cache you speak of? I live CO also. Maybe we can make it a bit of a challenge. I like the out there sorts of caches.


Team Thin Air

Actually, you've already found it but I want to go up there and get it anyway. My last trip up Independence Pass was in 1998.

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