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Any Good Caches In Hong Kong?


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I've got a 1 night stopover in HK and would like to do some caching there, but I'm very restricted in time...


A HK co-worker suggested this itinery, I was hoping I could find some caches along the way:


"1. Take the peak tram to go up to the Victoria Peak - the tram station is at Garden Road, near Central. If you are to stay at the airport hotel, you may take the airport train (airport express) to the Hong Kong station located in Central. Take a taxi to the tram station. There are plenty to do up on the peak. If you prefer, you may even want to have a drink or a light meal at Cafe Deco. Cafe Deco has this huge window overlooking the city - amazing view.


2. You may also want to tour the night market at the Temple Street on the Kowloon side (i.e. the other side of the harbor). From the peak, you take the tram down to Garden Road. You can then walk to the Star Ferry pier. Take the ferry to the other side of the harbor (Tsim Sha Tsui). Then you can take a taxi to Temple Street. It is a night market with all kinds of "stuff" and fortune tellers - tremendous fun and very cultural. If you get tired of the street hawkers, you can then take a taxi back to the Kowloon Airport Express train station and headback to the hotel at the airport.


The thing you need to know though, the airport train stops running after midnight. It is a bit inconvenient to stay at the airport hotel. So, if you want to stay up, you may want to stay at the Excelsior in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. There is a great bar on the top floor - TOTTS (top of the towns). So you can just relax after coming back from the Temple Street. Bonnie Hung in the Sydney office can help you make the booking. Bonnie just transfer to Sydney from Hong Kong and she is with PGS."


Any input from HK locals is appreciated :blink:

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I don't know about geocaches in Hong Kong but I do know about a starting TB Race over there. And indeed in Tram Peak. They're just released over there. When do You pass there ?


In Tram Peak 16 TB from Belgium are wating for a trip back to Europe. Mine, Big Bird Merel is one of them.


Feel free to go to Tram Peak and free them ( or at least mine ).


The race page on the Belgian site ( www.geocaching.be ) is in preparation.

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Lots of interesting caches in HK. There are some easy ones on HK Island (you mention you have only 1 day. The outlying islands would take a bit more time.) Check out Hong Kong in the country drop down box on the www.geocaching.com home page. Re phtographic shops. You should try Stanley St (in Central district). There are a number of reputable shops there. Avoid Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay areas. Lots of sharks and rip-off merchants there. ;)

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