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'glo' Markers

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We are interested in learning about the criteria used in setting a 'GLO' mark. We have found some that qualify as NGS benchmarks. We find that there appears to be no pattern as to where they set them. For instance, you can find them at some section corners, some at 1/4 sections. Why do some corners get a 'GLO' marker and others do not? There are some marks near here that were set in the early 1900's. Is there a database with a listing of where they are set? Any information would be appreciated.


Thank you, the 2oldfarts

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GLO Records


PLSS (Public Land Survey System)


GLO (General Land Office)



This is gonna get deep.

It all begins with the INITIAL POINT

for me in Missouri its here Louisiana Purchase States

5th Principal Meridian.


From the Initial Point Townships 6 miles sqaure as can be due to the convergency of the meridians at the poles,were layed out.Township 6 by 6


this was divided into 1 mile square sections,Sections 36


At the end of the Towships were Range lines at every 6 miles,East and West of Initial Point.


Township lines North and South from Initial Point.


This being done for the ease of mathmatics,to say you are in Township 2N, Range 2W you are 2 by 6 = 12 miles west,and 2N by 6 = 12 miles north,then the Section is figured in.



I will try to find some more links to the GLO maps and books,I got them somewhere.

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There is a lot more.


Does anyone one want to go through it?



For you in Arizona


Gila & Salt River Meridian


Adopted 1865

Governing Surveys Arizona


Initial Point


hddd mm ss.s

Latt. 33* 22' 38"

Long. 112* 18' 19"


Hddd mm.mmm WGS 84

Latt. 33* 22.633

Long. 112* 18.317

Elavation 983' approx.


Navajo Meridian

Adopted 1869

Governing Surveys Arizona


Initial Point


hddd mm ss.s

Latt. 35* 44' 56"

Long. 108* 31' 59"


hddd mm.mmm WGS 84

Latt. 35*44.933

Long. 108* 31.983

Elevation 6690' approx.

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Many books have been written on this subject......

The Book

Land corners are usually recorded in the county in which they are located. Thats the best place to go for info. Each state, the office may be different, here in Michigan these are located in the "Register of Deeds Office".


There are very few remaining GLO markers around here. All the GLO surveys were in the late 1800's and they just set wood posts. These get replaced as surveyors recover them or the evidence. Recent GLO corners set around here involve Indian lands and or state boundary markers. It may have a GLO marker now but if it gets destroyed, any survey can replace it with their own caps.

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Thank you both for the information. We became interested in the 'GLO sticks' as they are called in the NGS data sheets. We are including pictures & the PID #'s.






Both of these are in Southern Utah, somewhat close to the Paria river. It would have been fantastic if there had been a data base comparable to the NGS Benchmark sheets to find & log this type of mark, also.


It would still be nice to know why they chose one section corner over another to place the mark. As we know there is not one at each corner & there are actually some at a 1/2 section mark or even a 1/4 section mark...see above picture. Why did they choose a particular spot over another to set a mark?


Thank you.


Shirley & John

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Initial Point, Utah

Salt Lake Meridian

Adopted 1855

Governing Surveys Utah

WGS 84

40* 46.183

11* 53.450

Elev. 4329' approx.


Initial Point, Utah

Unita Meridian

Adopted 1875

Governing Surveys Utah

WGS 84

40* 25.983

109* 56.100

Elev. 5791' approx.


I have alot of those too.

I tried to get a people here and a group going to get everyone to go out and get the Initial Points for their respective States but that has been way back there Maybe time to bring it up again.

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The GLO surveyors were amazing people, there is nothing I like doing better than following their surveys. I have been doing my part, today I went to: "The Ellicott Stone is also the initial point for all U.S. Public Land surveys in the Southern part of Alabama & Mississippi. It is the point of intersection of what is known today as the the St. Stephens Meridian & the St. Stephens Baseline." and I recovered the initial point for Montana last summer and hope to get more as time allows.

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On my list it looks like 3 Initial Points for Alabama.


WGS 84

St. Stephans Meridian adopted 1805

INITIAL POINT 30 59.850 88 01.333 elev. 22' approx.


Huntsville Meridian adopted 1807

INITIAL POINT 34 59.450 86 34.267 elev. 823' approx.


Tallahasse Meridian adopted 1824

INITIAL POINT 30 26.050 84 16.663 elev. 110' approx.


Do you have your readings from the point or did you reset your GPS at that point?

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Several years ago the BLM began computing the theoretical position of all PLSS corners down to, I believe, 1/16 corners. This is called GCDB or Geographic Coordinate Data Base. Most states that are part of the PLSS have these coordinates online, BUT it can be real confusing because they use a cartiasian system based on chains (66ft.) with the SW corner of sec 31 being the origin called 100100 the 1st 3 #s being the easting and the 2nd the northing but every 80 ch. it starts over adding 100. So the NE corner of sec 1 is 700700 I know my discription makes no sense but if you still want to pursue this try California's BLM Cadastral web site they have the best online tutorial on this.

Also they are coming out with this National Integrated Land System or NILS thier site is no less confusing but if you're persistant you might get some info out of it.

It's here


Found the CA site: http://www.ca.blm.gov/pa/cadastral/user.html


PS: we say NILS stands for NOT IN our LIFETIME STUPID

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This is A Special 'Thank YOU!' to Trailblazer! John was just going crazy reading all of the different info you found for us. I was in bed (I have to work at night--go in at 10P.M.) So when I get up to prepare my mind-set...go to work.


Then, John says 'Here is the keyboard...My eyes are crossed from reading almost everything that Trailblazer put links up for, BUT I now understand the WHY they place the markers, so therefore I think I know the WHERE some of them might be. Although they also might be something other than GLOsticks'.


So, here I (Shirley) sit, typing away to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! (Besides, I'm a better typer than John...tee hee.).



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Most do not take the time to study the links.............they are quick draws and fire an answer faster than I could ever read and understand all this myself.


The links to alot of this have just in the couple of years been added to the web.


I have the Old Plat Book that explains all this in great detail with maps to go along.

Printed in 1905. There were only about 500 autos then and this book shows all the original Trails which later became the roads.


I also wrote the BLM years ago and got the Patents for my land as well as the Original Plats from the 1800's.


You use to have to snail mail it all,now if you know where to go and what to do you can get your original copy of the Patents to your Land if you live in the PLSS.


Your property can be traced back to these Old Plats as well,along with the Patent Issued.


It is the 1st or 2nd page of your Abstract of Title.

The # Is most important to the Query.

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