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International Airports Cache Possibilities

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In preparation for the forthcoming Travel Bug Race from Sweden to South Africa and Back starting on the 14th of February 2004, I have a special request:


What is the possibility to put "Travel Bug Hotel" caches at especially Johannesburg International and Cape Town International airports?


The main purpose of the caches would be to serve as a drop-off and pick-up point for any visiting Travel Bugs.


The caches should preferable:

  • be accessable for a geocacher landing or departing who doesn't have access to a vehicle,
  • not be a security risk for the airport,
  • big enough to accomodate at least 10 or more Travel Bugs,
  • still be discreet enough to prevent easy vandalisation.

Travel Bug Hotels like described above will increase the Travel Bug traffic to and from South Africa because geocachers without much time and resources would also be able to participate in Geocaching.

It will also relieve situations where Travel Bugs get stuck in South African geocaches.

We want to make it as easy as possible for visiting Geocachers to share their Travel Bugs with us.


I think it will make South Africa more "Geocacher friendly" destination for short-term visitors and other Geocachers who doesn't have the luxury of spending lots of time here.


Could you please share your opinion on the feasability of Travel Bug hotels at airports, possible cache locations, if you are prepared to place a cache, or just if you think it is a good idea.


Thanks for your inputs!

Bjbez :blink:

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I live in Cape Town, and think that is a great idea.

However, I can't really picture any feasible places to put a cache in or near CT airport. Things are pretty sparse out there, as well as fairly busy.


I would also be worried because if one sets up a cache specifically as a TB hotel in a place which could be found easily, this could be deliberately placing some TBs in danger of being terminated, which would give me a great guilty complex if I was the one that placed the cache.


I will have a look around when next I am at the airport though, or maybe some sneakier cachers than me would be able to place a safe TB hotel.

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Great idea,


I often travel through JHB international, but only sleep over one night. So it is of with the hotel shuttle late at night and to the airport early in the morning - no time for caching!


I would certainly visit such a cache and it would help with my frustrations from not being able to find a cache when in the city. In fact I have toyed with the idea of placing one there myself, but airport security and what they, rightly, do with suspicious looking parcels have put me off thus far.


An idea might be to place it in the garden of a nearby hotel, so at the worst you would be out the shuttle fare, when you wanted to retrieve or place a TB. Again placing and hiding would be a concern.


I guess I do not have any suggestions, but do think it is a super idea.

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Please comment on the appropriateness (security risk, safety of cache contents etc) of the following cache placed close to Jhb International Airport:


S 26° 07.912 E 028° 13.832 (WGS84)

UTM: 35J E 623017 N 7109131


This cache is very conveniently placed if you arrive or depart from Jhb International Airport. It is also convenient for local geocachers to pick up travel bugs. It is fairly easy to find and you won't need any transport.


- It is outside the Airport building (about 400m from the nearest airport building), so no security risk to the public.

- It is within walking distance from the main departures and arrivals buildings. You wil even be able to take your luggage trolley with if you want (although it will be easier to leave it with a friend).

- To find the cache and be back at the main building will probably take about twenty minutes, but budget about 30 minutes.

- It is out of sight and fairly safe from being discovered by accident.

Please do not ask the security staff you encounter along the way for directions to the cache. The less non-geocachers that knows about the cache the better. We must ensure that Travelbugs that are left here will not be vandalised or terminated. The cache is fairly out of sight, but please do make sure that nobody is looking when you access the cache. Also, we kindly ask that you do not visit this cache if you don't plan to pick up or drop off a Travel Bug. We are trying to limit traffic to this cache as far as possible because of the sensitive nature of the area.


Covering the cache properly at the end of your visit is crucial to prevent it from being found accidentally. You may get your hands dirty. :-) Thanks for your help!


A South African "Big Five" fridge magnet is up for grabs to the first person who logs the cache.


Additional Hints (Encrypt)


Between the wall and the closest fence there is a metal rail (the kind you normally find on the outsides of curves on roads). The cache is just to the right of the second wooden pillar of the rail, covered with leaves. The wall corner is one meter away from the cache.


Comments to reviewers:

I feel that this cache would not be a security risk to the airport because it is quite a distance away from the Airport buildings. A map could be provided of the cache location, but I don't want to publish it on the web. (Please advise on an email address to send it to if necessary.) I'm staying in Centurion, 25 minutes drive away, and will be able to maintain the cache thoroughly. My telephone number is written on the outside of the cache in the event of discovery by the security staff. This means that I will be able to be contacted by the security staff or be able to remove the cache if the security staff deems it necessary. This cache location lends itself to a long term "in service" period.

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