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Inane Newbie Chatter

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On only our second time out looking, I learned two very valuable things. Am only posting them for the amusement of other newbies, and to show I am not intimidated by forums with the occasional snotty sarcastic you-know-what.


1. Compasses don't necessarily point in the right direction when you're in a car. Hubby had the GPS and laughed hysterically when I pulled out the compass and told him which way was north.


2. You really have to look at a topo map first even if you're in a city park (which we were). We didn't find the cache (didn't want to take our kid down a steep snowy slope), and it turned out after we got home that even if we had gone down there, although it was the right direction, the cache was actually on the other side of a canal.


I love learning new things, even if it is sort of humiliating.


-- Carolyn

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