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Easy Caches In Belgium?


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I've done a couple day trips in Brussels (catching an early flight in and a later flight out while passing through). All of them I have used public transport and a lot of walking. Here is what I found; Brussels #1 my first in Belgium and a good one not far from the middle of the city, Felix Happark a little bit further of a walk, Sabena cache - Travelbugs Int'l Gateway & Stop building in Woluwe! both of which I went back to the airport and used the suggested bus. On my 2nd trip; The 6 Kings which took me both times to look along with some help but a nice walk around the center of the city, European IMC No.1 P - BE - Montgomery tricky one and used the metro to get there then walked to Woluwe Station an easy one, and Happy Birthday cache which I did not find but has been found after me so use the latest spoiler picture, finally went to Leo's Laeken Loot on the metro but was closed and again people have found it after me. Both time the weather could of been better but still enjoyed myself in this fine city. I plan on returning in a few months time to get the ones I missed. Hope this helps and happy geocaching.

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Hello, we just returned two days ago from Belgium - we were there on business and thus didn't have a whole lot of time, but we did visit four caches in about four hours on a single day. Two of them were mentioned above and are also on our recommended list. They are:


1) GC4E39 Sabena TB Int'l Gateway (Brussels) - easily accessible by car or by bus, and a great place to grab a bug or two if you want to help move 'em along. Despite the proximity to the crowded streets and buildings, it's actually ends up being quite a secluded location in the woods so nobody will bother you as you log the bugs and examine the cache.


2) GCGV5G Felix Happark (Brussels) - hard to believe this park is even there, it's a walled-in park buried amongst all the buildings downtown. There's a park attendent at the entrance, and he followed us around the park for awhile, but other than that it's your basic tupperware cache.


3) GCH5EB The Old Farm (Brussels) - Easy micro cache with super-close free parking, with some neat old buildings to boot.


4) GCH1J6 The EN Cache - This one is on the highway between Brussels and Antwerp. We did it as a drive-by, it's a micro-cache within a stone's throw of the highway - the trick is to find the access road from the closest exit, since you can't just pull over on the highway. If micro-caches are not your thing, then by all means stick with #1 or #2 on the list above - whatever is the most fun for you!


We didn't have time for any more, but if there was one we *wanted* to visit, it was GC4705 Red Cloister Abbey - not sure why, but it seemed like it would have been a great hike in a scenic location.


Also, GCG6PQ Stop building in Woluwe! is close to the Sabena TB Inn, but we didn't have time to stop by...we were already running late. We also thought GC5BC1 Leo's Laeken Loot looked like fun - ah, if only we had time for all the caches in the area!


At any rate, have fun - we're hoping to get back there soon, hopefully next time there will be even more for us to find! Happy hunting,



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