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Bk + Sb Do The Ton

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Congrats !! B):D:DB)


A great cache to get your 100th! It's certainly in my top 5 - which is pretty close to how I would rate the terrain!!


Can't believe Chris n Maria couldn't find it - maybe being so far north affected their caching performance! :D:mad::mad:


Here's to your next 100!





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Congratulations on completing 100 by finding Fosil Transfer (though personally I dont believe its still there :D ).



......I can't comment on its presence or non-presence, I only know that on the only occasion I tried to find it I was so knackered and physically distressed (lunch at the Monsal Head maybe? :D ) that by the timne I got up there all I wanted to do was slide back down again :D:D:D


Great stuff Bk & Sb, especially there!! ;):D:D

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:D WOW Thank you - All you kind people out there!!!! Do we say what were our favourites were of the 100? if so they have been:


T'Owd Man and his Stone Cat

Shining Cliff


Bozer Box


Engines Graveyard


for ingenious caches:


Grin'ing from 'Ere to 'Ere

Close Encounter of the Second Kind

Down Birchwood Way


Hey Diddle Diddle


Here's to the next 100 :D

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