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If You Won The Lottery...


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You mean, besides the monkeys? :)


Well, first I'd take out some TV time, with a nice little list.... and say "the following people can kiss my rich fat a**!"




But seriously... oh, wait... that was seriously. IN ADDITION, then... I'd leave marshmallow guns! Maybe do a multi with a safe deposit key in it as a FTF prize...

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Mine is really the best of all of yours...


I'd buy lots of land somewhere out west and make it into a caching park with caches all over, including the one giant cache that's like a shed (I was thinking about actually doing something like that some day for real.


But then, I'd buy a hummer, a REAL hummer, a helicopter, and one of those awesome helicopters that can carry like cars and stuff.


That way, I can fly to cache spots, or I can fly to near a cache spot and then rappel down to my hummer and roll up in style.


I'd buy a big bunker just to hang out in, maybe the one the president used to use.f


And then I'd do something that a local company did, I'd get a safety deposit box and put like a 100 grand in it, and then for the next 3 months put keys in all the caches I visit, and then have one big event cache where everyone came to my bunker and tried their key on the safety deposit box.


And then my friends, I would buy Groundspeak, or at least lots of shares in it, or at least, I'd find some way to donate a lot to the geocaching community...








Wait, what am I thinking, why by a Hummer, when I can buy a freaking hummer dealership??!?!!?!


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