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Can't Get Into Pdx Geocaching Website


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For some reason over the last few days the PDX website has been down. That's fine I'm not complaining, I know these things need maint. ect.... ( actually I have no idea) but now it seems to be back up and it calls for my username and password but it won't let me in. Anyone have any ideas. It's my same name and password as before but I am denied. Keeping me off the site won't stop me from showing up at Champoeg ya know. I am softwarickly challenged but I am polite. Beef jerky anyone? :mad:

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Sorry about the problems with the pdxgeocaching forums. :mad: As hopefully most know, we switched our domain provider and web hosting service. The switch over to the new site provider has been more frustrating than I would have expected. Nobody has been able to get into the forums for the past two days, because the forums aren't there. I'm having a few problems transferring the database to the new web space. Because of this I locked everything down at the root level. The only password and username working are my own. B)


Because of the problems transferring the database, you wouldn't see anything on the forum anyway, and would have to reenter your user info. I think I understand what the problem is (server times out before data is uploaded), and will work around that issue tomorrow. Give me one more day - if I can't keep the stuff we've already posted intact by the end of the day, we'll just start over. :mad:


Until then, I'm posting updates on the main page. The chat space is up and running though, and maybe others will be there if you pop in.l After getting the forum up, I will work on getting the cache voting pages up. That should go easier - the database is smaller, but I need to rewrite some code to reflect the needs of the new server. There are about 10 pages that are affected here. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at denalinw at pdxgeocaching dot com.

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