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Epic And Now Greatly Missed Archived Caches?


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Soooo... what would be your favorite truly excellent cache which has since been archived for awhile now and that you greatly miss? <_<


(By the way, my asking this has absolutely NOTHING to do with any travel bugs I happen to own... nope, none at all. Yup, yup... BTW, interesting weather we have having here...)


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The topic asks for "epic" and "truly excellent" and the only responses are locationless caches? Yikes.


If I had to choose one traditional cache in all of Pennsylvania that I truly miss, the hands-down winner is The Hook Challenge, a 3/4 cache hidden in the Hook Natural Area within Bald Eagle State Forest. Unfortunately, the cache had to be removed because our state geocaching rules, adopted long after the cache was hidden, prohibit caches in designated Natural Areas.


I will never forget hiking down, and then back up, one of the toughest hills I've ever been on. The "trail" followed a stream bed and it was mainly about jumping from one rock to the next. There is an alternate route, but we chose the killer trail just for the challenge.


Check out the log entries and the photo gallery for this cache. You can often tell the truly great caches by the length of the log entry and the number of photos posted.


At least this one had an excellent final sendoff from a group of prominent Pennsylvania geocachers! That made me feel better.

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Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure and its first sequel (the second isn't technically archived yet, but for all intents and purposes it's gone). Can't wait for number three!


The Not Tellin' series was (mostly) fun, too, though very few people tried them. A couple of them weren't as well-implemented as others in the series, so the whole bunch got a bad rep.


Edit: bad apostrophe!

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