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Benchmarking Tools


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I hunted for the old thread about what tools do hunters use when searching for benchmarks, but could not find it. I just wanted to add something!


I think I found the perfect, cheap, lightweight, ground probe. Wal-mart sells them a "camp cooking fork", about $3 for a 28" long metal stick with a "U" fork for holding hot dogs, etc., on a wooden handle. Cut the "U" fork off the end (and round off the tip, of course - Dremels are wonderful tools) and you have a perfect ground probe over two feet long with a handle! If you want to take the extra time, you could mark foot and inch measurements along the shaft and "emboss" them with the Dremel, as well.

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Missed the first topic and they might have discussed this nifty tool there. I use a stainless steel probe made by a local welding shop. They might also be commercially available. It is about 4' tall with a "t" handle. It has found several markers for me. A hand trowel usually can handle the final dig once the probe has found its mark.


Photo is at: JT 9386

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Very Professional Looking.


I have no problems My Truck has a U.S. Flag with the



I am usually asked what part of the Goverment I work for,then I can explain I am a volunteer and Recovering marks through Geocaching to update the NGS Data base.


That usually puts the icing on the cake especially when you have all the data sheets.


I ran across one the other day that an elderly woman showed up at an old home place,I was able to tell her who previously occupied it,she was about 70 and said how did you know my Dad lived here.I gave her the data sheet and she was very surprised,She wanted me to send her the link.I did.


She is a DAR Daughter of the American Revolution and has written several articles for their magazine.......quite an Intersting find...

I did not find the Benchmark yet though.



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Yep, that’s a light bar,


Add on’s $200.00


Fun Hunting Benchmarks “ PRICELESS “


Went to two different ( small ) local airports in the last three weeks and they let me drive out on the taxiways to find the marks with the lights on that was Toooooooooooooo Cool………JOE

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I have admitted to JoGPS that I too often use a yellow light (and wear an orange vest when benchmarking in public areas). My POV is an old F150 that looks pretty much like a city/county vehicle. With the addition of a yellow light on top, the transformation is complete and I blend in with the environment :D


As a police officer I would notice that my truck doesn't have a county or municipal license plate, but 'Joe Blow Average Citizen' only sees a white pick-up truck with a yellow light on it and thinks to himself, "oh, that must be one of those city guys doing some work 'round here".


Joe, if I ever get some time off work I would absolutely love to go for a ride in your benchmarkmobile. I think it really rocks! I just showed my son the picture and he has informed me that I have to buy a new truck because he says yours is just "too cool!" :D

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I showed it to my wife...her response was basically "oh no...now what do you want to buy?"


*grin* JoGPS - that is very cool. I was already thinking about getting a single light or small lightbar that could be mounted and removed from the rack on top of my blazer, but hadn't thought about magnetic signs. Now I have something else to consider. Since I'm often alongside narrow roads, additional lighting isn't a bad idea....

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I thought about the power drain and using a power booster ( 50 bucks) for jump starting cars with plugging into its power port and when not using the mini light bar plug the booster into the power port of the element so it may recharge itself.


The mini light bar is also magnetic, pops off and on


When my wife saw she shook her head and went back into the house (grin)


Did I also say I use the same setup for caching, and still no questions…………………JOE

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What the heck..I'll just post this here.


My current tool kit consists of a 5-gallon bucket (like paint or plaster comes in) containing:

  • spray bottle of water
  • extra bottles (2) of water (for drinking and refilling sprayer)
  • folding army shovel in case
  • yellow nylon twine
  • line level
  • small brushes
  • roll of paper shop towels
  • dozen marking flags, pink flag on wire
  • roll of pink flagging ribbon (2)
  • 28" ground probe (Walmart "camp fork" with the fork cut off)
  • plastic bags for trash

not in bucket:

  • 300 foot fiberglass measuring tape, inches and tenths markings
  • rolling tape measure aka "walking wheel" (Lowes link)
  • GPS, of course
  • Palm m500 with datasheets (bm2gpx, then "Watchered", then gpxtohtml, then "Pluckered")
  • print-outs of maps from StreetAtlas with marks and pids indicated
  • clipboard with notepad

And, of course, there may be some more items I missed....I'll have to check when I get home to be sure.


I know there are one or two things I will add in the future, such as a stiff-bristled brush (better than the small paint brushes I currently have) and one or two orange cones (both for safety and for spotting, esp. when hunting RMs).

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When you locate the Triangulation Station, set it as a new waypoint(mark) and from this make it a go toit will then tell you the bearing and distance to waypoint(mark) use this with your tape do not have to, but I have found that by having the Metal detector and using the GPS is much faster.

I mark all references and azimuths as waypoints or marks as well.


The GPS will get you much closer than you think.


Carrying all them tools around makes me look to official,so I have learned how to narrow it down for me anyway.

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It is truly an ugly truck but big folks can fit with no problem. and yes I love it


Sorry did not mean for this to turn into a JoGPS thread

OK - so you bought the rubbermaid truck, and I have only one question...


Do the doors close easily or do you have to "BURP" them first???



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