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Cache Density


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29 including 1 archived and 1 vitual!

Out of these 29 I have hidden 13 including the archived one. To find new caches I have to drive at least 2 hours in any direction to find one one, Unless of course I go out and hide one or my next door neighbour goes out and hides one. As far as I know we are the only 2 active cachers in a 100 miles of our homes.

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I live in the middle of nowhere, but was surprised to find that I have exactly 200 within 50 miles of my home coordinates. It helps that I am smack dab in between two bigger cities (Toledo, OH and Cleveland, OH). If I head either east or west an hour or so, I should have a pretty good cache density to work with.


Also, I'm really close to Michigan and Canada, so my search would include those. If the 10 closest to my home coordinates, two of them are on an island that isn't readily accessible when the lake is frozen, and one of them is in Canada, which would take about 20 minutes by boat. Again, with the lake frozen, the options are limited.


Since I am relatively new to all of this, 200 in 50 miles plus two nearby major cities should last me awhile. :rolleyes: I have friends in both cities, so I even have non-geocaching excuses!

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Just wondering but is a cacher's feelings about virtuals and locationless caches related to the density of regular caches in their area?

I'm not sure what you mean, but we did a few locationlesses in the beginning. We've since stopped. We generally skip virts when we're out, but will do them if they are easy and if it is something possibly interesting. In other words, we don't go out of our way for virts.


As for how many caches in our area. From the gerenal Summerville, SC area just outside Charleston, there are 124 caches. 17 of which we own. Only 17 of which we haven't found.


We generally keep our bookmarked nearest cache page at 40 miles, but I've increased mine to 42 to get in an insolated cache that requires a boat. That gives me 8 caches. One has been offline for a long time. Four require a boat. Three just popped up in the last couple of days.


While our main goal is to just get out and have fun, a lesser goal is to clear the nearest 50 miles. However, a new cacher to the area is making it hard though. He's experienced, but from a different area. He blew into a nearby area one day and within a few weeks has something like 26 caches, most of which are multis. A few of these are within the 50 mile radius of our home, so it's hard to keep it relatively clear. We're waiting for him to slow down a bit before we go in and clear it out.


Right now our focus is on the harder caches. The easy ones, while they have their place, for us are cheap. We are now looking at 4 terrain and above caches, but there are only 2 left within 100 miles that don't require a boat. We did a few over the Christmas break and had an absolute blast.


Another thing we look at are caches that have never been found or have not been found in a long time. That's another challenge we like. I'm eyeing a cache that was placed in November of '02 and has yet to be found!


So I guess, to answer your query, cache density in our home area has very little to do with our attitude towards certain cache types. I figure it's the number of caches we've experienced that influences it most. Well, that is, beyond our nature tendencies, anyway.



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Zip Code 67740

Well I think I win - well rather loose out! :rolleyes:


Grand total within 50 miles is 3!


One 27 miles, next one is 33 miles that we have not been able to find and neither the last 2 - I think it has been plundered by a geomuggle and the other is 38 miles away! We are new geocachers and will be hiding some in NW Kansas soon.


Grand total within 100 miles is 66. So I guess our goal would be to get all caches within 100 miles.


For us locationless caches are wonderful and much needed! It makes walks more interesting to look for something. There are still 2 locationless we can do very easlily so we are holding off on them to spread them out so we do not get them all in one day. We have also done a couple benchmarks and will be doing more of those. I have to work every other Saturday so it makes it hard to geocache as we are so far from caches that we have to plan in advance to go caching.

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About 155 caches in a 50 mile radius for me, about 70 percent of those are finds or hides for me. There are a total of 46 caches within 50 miles of me that I have not found. 15 of those are within 40 miles, most of which have some reason for which I haven't found it. I have also found every cache within 25 miles of my house.

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If my math is correct, 61 w/i 50 miles of 33º 12.500 083º17.000 (rounded slightly to protect the innocent :mad: . I did appreciate this thread though as now I better understand how some of you can compile such large numbers of finds in relatively short time. I am not one for competing with numbers and I guess it's good that I don't. I wish there were more caches in the general area and I am planning more hides at the moment.

Ps. haven't checked but I would guess that roughly half of that 61 are virtuals.

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