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Cache Density


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Just wondering but is a cacher's feelings about virtuals and locationless caches related to the density of regular caches in their area?


There are 71 caches of all types (excluding locationless) within a 50 mile radius of my home. frankly I can't be all that choosey with the cost of gas.


I know I'll end up being jealous but how many caches are within 50mi. of your location?

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Exactly 376 within 50 miles of my hometown.


But what you really gotta look at here is sort of an average "Attainable Caching Area." I mean, 50 miles As the Crow Flies in Pennsylvania would be different then 50 miles in Nebraska. I mean, we don't have straight roads all over the place and it's kind of harder to get to the caches.


So really, I mean there's 376 caches within 50 miles of my house, but if you take into account all the driving I'd have to do to get to them, I'd say it's way more than fifty miles, and so I'd probably cut that number in half or so...

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To answer your question, I don't think it would change my views. Our family visited Texas last year and spend a few days on the gulf. There were a few virtual caches in the area but no physicals to be found. We choose not to cache rather than hunt the virtuals.


I think virtuals have their place, I'm not against them, I have a few in my find count. But I prefer to find something that was hidden by someone for only the select few smart enough to know about geocaching to find.

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There are 343 caches within 50 miles of my house, a bit northwest of Pittsburgh. Most of them are also in Team K-9's list. I have spent a lot of $$$ on gas and driven a lot of miles to find 229 of those and to hide 22 of the caches included in that total.


Since it was mentioned in the first post, I note that there are 20 virtuals included in that total of 343 caches. I've found 19 of them.

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566, but a good 90% of those are seperated from me by the Chesapeake Bay and take up to two hours to get to, even though they may show up as only 13 miles away. If I look only in a NE, E, or SE direction (without crossing the Bay) the number is about 30 caches, 5 of which are mine.

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There are 71 caches of all types (excluding locationless) within a 50 mile radius of my home. frankly I can't be all that choosey with the cost of gas.


I know I'll end up being jealous but how many caches are within 50mi. of your location?

Interesting Instep guy.

You and I are almost in the exact same geographic location. but I only have 69 while you have 71. Oh well. ;)

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From a log entry I made in April of 2002:


"At 62.15 miles, this was the closest cache that I haven't yet found, so I decided to head out and nab it."


Today, I've found 37 of the 230 within 50 miles of my home. ;)




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After looking at IV's post....I think I'm bout 50 miles east of him.


I have 475 caches within that 50 mile radious.


up to 5 mile radius 2

out to 10 mile radius 4 (6 total)

out to 20 mile radius 4 (10 total)

out to 25 mile radius 6 (16 total 8 of which are mine)

so there are about 460 caches between 25 and 50 miles from my house.


that is total caches....

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10 miles- 52

25 miles- 293

50 miles- 826

100 miles- 1511


We live on the southside of Chicago, most of the above caches are off to our north, at the outermost distance we start to pick up caches in Milwaukee.


Out of all our virts only 1 is local- all the rest were found on a recent vacation.


All of our locationless were found locally- went on an all day locationless search on my b-day this year and found most of them then.

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I live roughly 15 miles north of Phoenix. I have 881 caches listed within 50 miles.


52 virtual caches...many are in downtown areas; 1 is really a locationless

2 are hybrid letterbox

1 is a webcam

11 are "?" caches of which 1 is disabled

1 is an upcoming Event cache

77 are multi's; 7 of these are disabled


That leaves 737 traditional caches of which 53 are disabled

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315 caches within 50 miles.


Probably over 30 caches have been archived in the last two years within those 50 miles.


I own 6 caches within 50 miles.


I can't think of a single virtual in that 50 miles.


I have done 111 caches within those 50 miles.


1050 (about) caches within 100 miles, but only because you run into the Seattle area.

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