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Dog Avatars


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<---- this is an avatar picture! J.C. the puppymonster.

J.C. began as "Just a Canine", but now we think it stands for "Just Crazy".


*** Remember... Dog avatars, not just pictures of your dog. We have a couple of those topics going already.

But, I used my dog picture as an avatar once for about 3 posts, so it's still an avatar! ;)

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This is PHOEBE.. she's a Pug.


When I was studying art I was told that to draw people you should use a series of circles to start off with.. I have learned that if you are drawing a Pug you must use boxes.


To do list:


-Let the dog out

-let the dog in

-let the dog out

-let the dog in

- etc.


Mauison - You think that's a tongue ;)

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