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Garmin Gpsmap 76

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Be careful with the rubber guard covering the data port and external antenna jack.


It can distort if not put back right. Mostly the data port boot. It's deeper and prone to not seating back into unit.


Also hold the unit upright to recieve good sat signals. It doesn't like to lay down.


Also I had trouble trying to see the active track with this unit so I somethimes use to cancel the map's from showing so I could focus on the track.


Other than that it's a very good unit. I hope the new 60CS measures up and beyond what the 76S can do.

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set it so the electronic compass is always off (read on for "why"):


go to setup

select compass tab

first selection is "compass" - set to off

next selection is "use gps if speed is above" - set to 0 (zero)


once this is done your electronic compass will always be off unless you manually turn it on - to do this you simply press and hold the "page" button (it has the little compass symbol beside it)


this will cycle your electronic compass on and off but only when you want it and thus conserve battery power on your 76S


:) WHOOPS - ignore this - you didn't say 76S - i read capt caper's response and saw 76S and well - ignore this :)

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I also have the 76S, but there's a few things you should know:

1) Remember to turn on battery saver (Menu, Menu, Setup, Mode, Battery Save). I finally figured this one out after a year of draining batteries.

2) Speaking of batteries, invest in rechargables, save cash in the long run

3) Get Mapsource or Cityselect NOW. Basemap is really really really really really really really (lemme count, no one more yet) really bad.

4) Understand its routing capabilities aren't road-by-road and turn-by-turn but really point-by-point even with Mapsource. If you've got a long way on an interstate with turns, the route will show a straight-line path to the exit. That can freak you out, especially when it says you're off course. Extra routing points at turns (such as Chicago-Rockford-Madison-St. Paul on I90) help.

5) Make sure you get the latest firmware from Garmin's website, then don't freak out when things are different: the trip computer gets hidden in the menus instead of being one of the main screens.

6) Have lots of fun!

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arrowroots' tips are good ones!


just one thing to remember with battery saver - it doesn't give you the same track detail as you would have running regular gps mode - essentially the gps is being turned on/off which will impact the integrity/quality of your tracks.

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