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Well save up your Cdn Tire money, get the Options Mastercard, or ask for the gift cards for that special occasion. Canadian Tire will be carrying a lot more GPS units. Including the GPSMAP 60c. :) Just ordered the 60c today. Hey and as a consumer remember about the Price Match Policy :)

What a great store!!!! No wonder I am there all the time!!!


Fire Eater

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Ditto on the price match guarantee. I've saved a ton of money by taking advantage of the guarantee. For those who aren't familiar...


Let's say you want a Garmin Legend. Canadian Tire is selling for $300. Say Radio Shack has the unit on sale for $230.


Bring proof of the Radio Shack price, and here's the deal you get...


Price match on the Garmin Legend: $230

Rebate in Canadian Tire Money: $23 (10% of the lower price)


In effect, you get the unit for $207.


Long live our beloved Canadian institution!

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I wouldn't buy one from crappy tire they hide everything behind locked glass cases you can't find any staff to open them and there service is terrible you get to the till and they only have one open with some little old lady trying to pay with cd dollars while ten other customers stand in line :) . I would rather go to GPS Central and get good service and a competative price. :)

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Wow some critics of Canadian Tire. :) I have had nothing but good luck. I am there all the time. Maybe the smaller stores have less staff on duty? Anywho I bought my Legend last year and used the price match from GPS Central.ca I also had the rest of the money from the Cdn Tire money on my Mastercard. I believe they really are supose to price match for a competitors store in the same city, and not any of the membership stores like Costco. It would not hurt to call to find out that particular stores policy.


Fire Eater

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redgreen, you must shop at the same crappy tire store that we go to.

Having lived in BC, Ontario and New Brunswick I certainly found that the Ontario stores were *far* superior to the BC ones in customer service and overall store upkeep.


I spent many a weekend in CT with my father when we lived just north of Toronto and I remember it being a pretty reliable place.


Here in Vancouver, I can think of 3 CT stores that are just sad for customer service, choice and general neatness.

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I wouldn't buy one from crappy tire they hide everything behind locked glass cases you can't find any staff to open them

For the most part, you're right.


There is only 1 CT in the Hamilton area that's any good - the one out in Ancaster. Imagine my surprise to find:


-- Staff

-- Staff that know where stuff is

-- Staff that approach YOU and ask if you want help

-- Staff that know what their talking about

-- Sale merchandise that is actually in stock.


That store blows me away - I had one guy helping us with skates for half an hour, and it turns out he wasn't even working that night - he was off, and in the store for his own shopping.


I go out of my way to go to that store.

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Well that's something you'd never find in my local Future Shop. I have noticed alot more 'idle' staff hanging around since they opened the Best Buy.

Best Buy owns Future Shop. They're the same store.


IMHO, the only thing Future Shop/Best Buy is good for is using their pricing to get another vendor to match. After my dealings with GPS Central, I'd rather pay a couple of extra bucks to them (not that their prices aren't already the best) and get their incredible service and support than to give my money to FS or CT who offer no support and terrible service.


In BC, London Drugs is also a good place to buy GPS. They now carry both Garmin and Magellan and will price match any other vendor. They have no practical knowledge of GPS, but they will give cash refunds or exchanges regardless of why you are dissatisfied.




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Well that's something you'd never find in my local Future Shop.

I won't even set foot in a Future Shop any more. Too many bad experiences. I don't particularly like Canadian Tire either - I'd never have them do anything to my car, and I wouldn't buy anything there if there's any chance I'd need to return it, and I agree with the comments about the glass cases and nobody around to help if you want something out of one. I don't shop there often, but that said, I do go in now and then.


But having poor service is, IMO, less bad than having staff outright lie to you in order to make a sale. That's been my experience repeatedly at more than one Future Shop location. I've had enough of the high pressure sales by staff who try to gloss over questions they can't answer, or worse, make up totally bogus answers. I've experienced them lying in fliers, on the phone, and to my face. I've had them pull blatant bait & switch tactics on me, and then deny to my face what they'd just said.


Nope, I don't like Future Shop, and will never shop there again.


Sorry for the rant. I'm done.


I wonder if this really is a BC thing. I thought maybe it was a Canadian thing, as I often get better service in US restaurants (Washington and Oregon anyway) than I do in Canada. But my experience in eastern Canada is pretty limited, so maybe it's just BC that doesn't understand customer service.

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The Canadian Tire store in Bolton is usually well stocked (although not with GPS receivers) however the staff are mainly kids with little if any interest in the products. I wasn't aware of the price-matching policy and appreciate it being brought up here - thanks! :blink:


A funny story about CT. My wife needed new tires as a result of a blowout last fall so we shopped around and found a good deal CT. She took the car in and was told that it would be ready in an hour, which was fine. She came back and was told that it would be two more hours as they were busy. Although inconvenient it wasn't a problem for her so she left the car and walked to work. I walked over there after I got home to pick it up and saw it sitting outside with four new tires. However this is where things went awry. They couldn't find the keys to the car, although they were nice enough to give me the set for someone elses car. After ten minutes they found the keys, which thankfully weren't left in the ignition. Then I noticed there was an error on the invoice. They'd charged me for disposal of 4 tires yet I'd instructed them to put the two best old tires in the trunk. Another 5 minutes to re-print the bill and I'm on my way. I just had a hunch I'd better check inside the trunk. I'm glad I did. The spare tire had just been tossed in and not fastensed down (nor the jack). Hmmmph, I put everything back properly in the parking lot. As I was putting back the two old tires into the trunk I noticed that one was the tire with the large hole in it! Back in I go to complain and after another five minutes we found the good tire. I'm on my way. Here's the best part. The next morning my wife is admiring her new tires and pointed out to me that one of the three was different. Well I'll be damned, she's right. No word of a lie, it isn't even a Motomaster tire! Back we go to get our correct tire, which thankfully took only ten minutes.


You would think a company with *tire* in their name could sell a set of 4 tires without this much drama. ;)




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You would think a company with *tire* in their name could sell a set of 4 tires without this much drama.


I've noticed that sort of thing in alot of places. We just had our local Honda/Yamaha dealer go bankrupt due to their 'inability to remain price competitive". Funny thing was, they were unable to supply you with Honda parts in under a month that the Suzuki dealer could get in 2 days.LOL



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Well I did it.

60c is in the mail, air purlotaed ;) in stock at that Gpscity place in Calgary ;) By 10am I should be "click-stik" free!! yippie!!! I loved my Legend but, color..oh baby baby :blink: And the megs it has very nice unit B)


Canadian tires around Whitby are are fine. Naturally they don't have tons of gpsr stuff in stock but hey, that's what gpscity is for right??

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I checked the CT in Bathurst yesterday in the off chance they would have the 60C in stock. Very funny. They still have the old Meridian 315 and Garmin E-Maps in stock. Looks like it may be another 5 years before they get the new models in. The woman I spoke to had NO IDEA what a GPS was. Kind of typical of CT....

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Praising or bashing an automotive/hardware store is probably not an appropriate subject for Geocaching forums - but since it is started, here are my two bits: I live in British Columbia. I absolutely abhor Canadian Tire, and will shop there only when necessary (there is one very close to where I live, but I will usually drive an extra few miles to avoid it). They are the worst offenders for loss leader advertising. You must carefully read the fine print of all their advertising. Overall their prices are very high. They have a habit of conveniently leaving the marked price off a lot of their merchandize, and you can virtually guarantee that when you take such an article to the check-out, that the price will be 20 - 30 percent higher than their competition (they hope that once you brought it to the check-out without caring about the price, you will buy it anyways). Their store service is terrible, and their automotive service department is a rip-off. I simply do not trust that store, and never feel comfortable when I am in one.

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redgreen, you must shop at the same crappy tire store that we go to.  Actually, we've been to many of them, and found the service to be pretty consistently crappy.  If only Capital Iron would come to Vancouver. ;)





We appreciate the comments! Just for fun sometimes I go shopping around for GPS units there and some of the other chain stores......


:P LOL, some of them do not even know how to turn them on let alone use them! And you know, it is not just the stores that hire kids to work there that are like this. Try going to a West M***** Store, it took 3 people, and one was the manager, just to get some information on comparing a 76S to a 176C......


Yes, perhaps sometimes our prices can be a little higher than some "Big chain" stores that choose to blow them out at a loss leader (though not by much), but in all fairness our people do NOT work for minimum wage, many have been there for years and years. We have had the same store location for the past 70 years, pay taxes, and are part of the local community.


We are also there for you when you have questions on using your new GPS, we handle the warranty, we help your spouse figure out which one you really would pick for yourself for a surprise gift, and we try to carry ALL of the Garmin accessories that you may want for your old or new GPS.


I suggest to try to shop local wherever you are, and whenever you can, those same people are spending their money in YOUR community, which is likely why YOU have a job. Just a thought. :P

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I just got through talking with my local CTC store manager and he said that so long as you bring in a hard copy (computer printout) of the pricing, even from another province's store(GPSCentral,etc.), they will still price match and discount the item as per normal. So If people can get over their hangups with the store you can feed some money into your locale and maybe they could hire more experienced staff.

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Just a note to all those wanting to cash in with their canadian tire money within the Ontario stores. I just received my 60c last week after a long long wait. The main warehouse just received 144 60c units and started distributing them last week to the stores where people had placed orders with. I was able to price compare with GPS Central for $529.95. Canadian Tire has them listed at $699. With a price compare you receive 10% of the price match in canadian tire money as well. Not bad, $53 in cdn tire cash.

Sounds like some store poilicies differ with the price match because the lady at the counter said that they usually do not price match with on line stores. But the manager had approved it.

All in all they were really great to deal with, especially the sports manager. He was checking on the order all the time and keeping me updated. The delay was with our cross border laws for Ontario. All packaging must have bilingual manuals. Garmin did not have these available.


Fire Eater :tired:

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I just bought a 60c at the Georgetown CT. Great service and not problem with price matching on a online printout. :blink:

But the CT at Trinity Common in Brampton are very price matching unfriendly. :tired: I was told the the flyer from RadioWorld was a fake and I was tring to rip them off. :o I will be talking to the Corp Head Office on Monday.

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The auto parts counter at CT Trinity Centre gave my wife the wrong brake pads for my car and cost me 24 hours and a major inconvenience this last weekend. I almost hate to admit I saved a whopping 1$ per set of brake pads by shopping at CT instead of NAPA (where I got the balance of the new parts). :-( The good news is the Monroe brake pads they are promoting (via that creepy guy with the beard) work great! I no longer have to open my door and drag my heel on the ground to stop the cachemobile.




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