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Mapsource Metroguide Usa 5.4 & Autorouting

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I currently have an Etrex Legend from Garmin along with the MapSource MetroGuide USA (update 5.4).

The software manual says that the metroguide USA supports autorouting on the PC, when I bought it as 4.13 on the CD - I have since updated to release 5.4 via garmin's website. I wonder if now with the updated release, the autorouting will work with GPS units that support autorouting. I know that the legend doesn't do it but I have read that the new garmin GPS 60c has autorouting. Does anyone know if the new GPS will support metroguide USA autorouting on the GPS? OR is that function strictly limited to their other mapping software called city select? Also another question...

MetroGuide USA doesn't need any unlocking codes to use it. Does City select follow that same scheme?, or does it need to be unlocked with a code that I have to purchase seperately? (that is if I choose to buy it when I get me a new 60c!)

Thanks for your help

Kirk out.

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Garmin's version numbering is confusing since there are both the MetroGuide Data and the MapSource program with their own version numbers. What was sold by Garmin as MetroGuide-USA, version 4.01 was really MetroGuide data version 3.0 together with MapSource program version 4.01. So if you later upgraded to MapSource version 5.04 you still have MetroGuide data 3.0. To check click on 'About MapSource...' under the Help menu and it'll show you the MapSource version; then click on Product Information and it'll show you the Data Version.


If you've got MetroGuide-USA data version 3.0 then it will support auto-routing on both your PC and on compatible GPS models like the 60c/cs. But the more recent version of MetroGuide-USA will only auto-route on the PC.


None of the MetroGuide-USA versions require unlock codes. City Select-NA does require an unlock code and you can register it to work with up to two GPS units.

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Got my 60C today! Loaded MG4. I tried autorouting from my house to my office, and from my house to my mother's house. Both instances returned incorrect information! On one leg of the former, I was directed to "keep right" on the same road traveled for about 6 miles. It should have directed me to turn right onto another road. Going to the office, it directed me to turn left onto a street that runs parallel to the road being traveled! In both instances, key information is omitted from the routes.


If you wanna try it:

go from 6700 Little River Turnpike in Annandale, Virginia

to 1255 23rd St., NW - Washington, DC

It instructs you to turn left onto 23rd St. from 25th St.! The two roads are parallel!


Anther one:

6700 Little River Turnpike in Annandale, Virginia

to 3509 Old Post Rd., Fairfax, Virginia

It instructs you to "keep right" on Rt. 236 where you should actually turn right onto Old Lee Hwy in Fairfax!


It seems to be a problem with the next to last instruction in the directions ;)


I got my City Select on the way from Amazon.com


If you already have MetroGuide 4, and can live with such errors, then don't buy City Select! If you need to purchase autorouting map software for your 60C/CS, then I recommend doing it right - buying City Select.


Just My Honest Opinion.

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