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What, you don't want to drive over here, load up with a bunch of ammo cans and try to explain to the customs officer that you are just playing a game with them?


Are you bringing anything back with you?

I just picked up 20 ammo cans.

Get out of the car slowly. Put your hands on the roof.


It has been interesting deciding what to say when I go to Ontario from Michigan for a caching day. What will I tell them today?


What are you going to be doing in Canada?

Having supper, looking for some ammo cans.


No no, lets see.

Visiting some parks for some hiking, then supper.

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But we gave you Mike Meyers, Avril Lavigne and Celine Dionne (and we ain't taking her back)


Now back to our regularly scheduled topic. Cheaper than dirt doesn't ship here any other suggestions?

Don't forget that you also gave us Triumph!


Maybe I'm the only one that remembers, though.


Never Surrender

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