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Ammo Boxes


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Forest City Surplus http://www.fcsurplus.com in London has a couple of sizes

Last few times I've visited Forest City Surplus they've been out of stock so check first. But it's a good place to pick up more interesting cache contents. Fortunately I live near the border and there's no shortage of cheap ammo boxes in the surplus stores over there. Have never even been asked at customs what I want with ammo boxes - or even what's in them :lol:

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Last few times I've visited Forest City Surplus they've been out of stock so check first.  <snip>

I was in Forest City Surplus today and they had a lot of ammo boxes in a couple of different sizes. They must have just come in because they were not there a week ago. Princess Auto in London also had a few in stock last week.


I've never dealt with either of these online store so I can't vouch for how they are to deal with.

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Moins chèr que rien ne veut pas nécessairement dire "cheaper than dirt" quand il faut acheter aux États Unis en argent americain et les faire livrer via le courrier (ou pire encore "UPS") à travers les douanes vers le Canada. Sera moins cher dans ce cas de les souder toi-même dans un garage d'un ami en utilisant de la tôle épaisse. Je crois que je vais faire ça. Les boîtes ne sont pas obligé d'être si gros que cela. Avec de la peinture en masse, ils ne rouilleront pas rapidement. Un sceau en caoutchouc autour du couvert et des clanches pour valises pour retenir le couvert devrait faire l'affaire. Le monde dépense normalement combien pour avoir une bonne boîte pour installer dans une cache?


Cheaper than dirt no longer means "cheaper than dirt" when you have to buy from the U.S. in U.S. funds for items sent by mail (or worse "UPS") through customs to Canada. Would be cheaper to weld some boxes out of heavy sheet metal in somebody's garage. I think that's what I plan to do. They don't have to be all that big. With lots of paint, they won't rust all that fast. A rubber seal around the lid and some luggage type snap locks should work fine. How much money people are prepared to spend?

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...when you have to buy from the U.S. in U.S. funds for items sent by mail (or worse "UPS") through customs to Canada.

Aint that the truth :o


BEWARE OF UPS!!!!! and their so-called "brokerage fees".


I don't know of any Surplus stores in MB, but when I lived in Edmonton I used to frequent this place.....


Supply Sergeant @ West Edmonton Mall

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Try 3 geeks.ca


@ 7.83 CDN it is best price I have seen.


If you do not live in Nova Scotia, just send them an email. Tim is a nice guy and will probably arrange to ship anywhere in Canada. I live in Quebec and I have bought geocaching stuff from them recently.



Just an update to OpusTerra's post. We recently brought our "Canada" site online. The link for the main site is




From there you would link to one of the 2 sites





The link he supplied above (http://www.3geeks.ca/nsnbnl/30calammocan.htm) is specifically designed for persons living in NS, NB, or NL. This site will calculate taxes at 15% (HST), and does not include a cost for shipping.


However, we now have the Canada site online. When purchases are made through Paypal on this site, it will only calculate 7% (GST) tax on all purchases. This site also has built in costs on all goods, based on the average shipping costs to get our products from Nova Scotia to your Province or Territory. So, to keep with the thread topic, the correct link for anyone living outside of the above 3 Provinces is




We hope this addition will help you all to see the actual costs of purchasing and shipping the items to you. However, if there's any questions at all, please feel free to Email us at info@3geeks.ca.



Tim (aka: The Geek of The Hurricane Geeks)


The 3 Geeks Outdoor Store


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...I don't know of any Surplus stores in MB...

Prairie Jeepin: I bought a couple of ammo cans at The Army Surplus store on Portage Ave in downtown Winnipeg last July. They were expensive though - $10 for a 30-cal and $13 for a 50-cal. (and the 30-cal box went missing already :unsure: )


I'd recommend making a trip across the border to see if you can pick some up in the States. Should be able to pick up ammo boxes for around $5 each. It's worth making a few phone calls at least. The military exchange stores usually carry them. Unfortunately, it seems the price has been going up lately - they realized that there is a demand for them out there.


You can get some good deals on eBay as well, if you find someone that is willing to ship them to Canada.

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...The Army Surplus store on Portage Ave in downtown Winnipeg...


I'd recommend making a trip across the border to see if you can pick some up in the States.

Thanks for the info. I'll have to find my way there if I ever go to the Peg (not my favourite place and 3 hours drive) again for anything.


I have been meaning to make a crossborder recce but never find the time. Back in 2000 I checked out a surplus store in Minot, near the Airbase, but it wasn't very good.

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Just make sure if you go stateside to get them that you only buy them with cash, and don't use your plastic money. A recent article on the news was alerting Canadians to the fact that the new Homeland Security has been using their 'Authority' to track all purchases made by Canadians stateside, and have been then requesting full details of the purchaser's personal info from Canada. So they can fully populate their database and determine possible terror threats to the US.


I don't think it would aid in your border crossing time if the Border Check's computer flags that you have been a recent or frequent buyer of ammo/ordinence(sp?) related items.


I will see if I can find a link to the article and post it here.

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