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W.g. Dollars


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Moving the WG dollars from one geocache to another interferes with the purpose of the Where's George site. I would recommend that you spend them someplace instead.


Please do go ahead and enter them on the WG site, though.


in two and a half years I have entered 1091 bills into WG. I have received 231 hits scattered across 27 states.

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Even though wheresgeorges own policy interferes with their stated purpose, I agree on the spend it idea. Take any you find in caches home, log them, and buy coffee with 'em on the way to the next morning's caches. If you don't feel quite right doing that, take some bills you got elsewhere, enter them into wheresgeorge, and leave them in caches as you retrieve bills from caches and spend them.

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Someone left one in a cache I found last week. I brought the bill home (and left a cool item as a trade). I logged the bill on wg.com and then spent it the next morning on a Mt. Dew. :o


Turns out this bill had travelled 392 miles. I was pretty impressed. It's now sitting in a Pepsi machine at my place of employment.



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I spend any Georges I find on a beer at the end of the day. Even though they may get less hits out in general circulation than they would in geocaches (how fastidious we cachers are!), it's more interesting to me to see where they pop up 'out there'. Otherwise, they are just another form of travel bug, traveling from cache to cache.

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I used to trade regular dollars when I found something in a cache that I just had to have and didn't have anything cool or worthy of trade. Now I put in WG dollars instead. Might as well have fun with them.


I'd say you should log them and then spend them or trade them or do what ever you would consider normal circulation. It's only common courtesy to log that person's bill since you have it. I don't think it's unfair to spend it though. That's what a dollar is for anyway.


I often remove them and put my own back in. Then I log them and spend them. If I am starting a new cache or am finding a cache and I just happen to have someone else's WG dollar that I have logged then I'll put them in a cache.


I don't do anything different than I ever did before with money in caches except I now log them. Why? It's more fun than just trading plain old ones.

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Well, the George web site says: “Do you ever wonder where that paper money in your pocket has been, or where it will go next? This is the place to find out.”


It doesn’t say anything about “normal circulation”. I’ve “Georged” a fair number of dollars and the only ones that get logged are the ones found in caches. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had one logged after a cacher logged it and spent it.


I found a two-dollar bill that was “Georged” in a cache that had been burned in the recent brush fires here in Southern California. Only about half of the bill remained intact and the rest was very brittle. I laminated the charred remains and attached a note telling it’s history and placed it in a new cache I hid. I’m hoping that it will travel only from cache to cache as a reminder of the fires.

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