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"zip" A Dee Do Dah


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The "hide and seek a cache" page already has such a link, so if you can stomach an extra click, just use the search page instead of the quick search tools on the main page.

I may not have made my point clear. While there is a zip code directory link on the Hide and Seek page, it is somewhat obscure - even to those who know what page it is on. When the uninitiated site user reaches the main page and is invited to use the zip code search feature, he/she is unlikely to know that there is a zip code directory link on the Hide and Seek page. Perhaps what is needed is a link on the Main Page, connected with "To locate the nearest geocaches in your area..." that omits all the search features in that portion of the page and takes the user to the "Hide and Seek" page. Then, make the Hide and Seek page link for the zip code directory easier to identify. I'm not looking for pesonal help in finding what I need on the site, I'm merely suggesting some improvements for ease of use with less congestion. :o

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You're right that it might make it easier for someone not in the know... but even when I first logged on just to check to see if there were any caches near me, I only checked my immediate area, of which I already knew the zip code.


It's not too big a stretch to guess that the average person on the internet should know how to look up a zipcode online, even if they aren't aware of the link on the "Seek a Cache" page.


I think it would be unnecessary clutter.



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I agree with Jamie, if you're a new user, and you wanna see where some caches are, you probably wanna see the ones in your area first (which the average person knows there own zip code) and if people are too lazy to go to the USPS website and look it up, then they're too lazy to geocache...

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