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60c & City Select Or Magellan Color & Directroute?


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from the standpoint of the usa i don't think it matters which one you go with because both garmin and magellan use navtech maps for their city navigator/city select and directroute products.


if you are interested in canadian data then there is a clear winner - garmin. navtech has not yet mapped even 10% of canada so the garmin cn/cs and magellan dr products provide very minimal coverage of canada.


so why is garmin a clear winner? simple - garmin has introduced metroguide canada v4 and it is an autorouting product that works on any of the garmin autorouting gps's. you can load a mix of cn/cs and mg and have complete coverage for the usa and canada, and again with autorouting functionality.


wait - what about mapsend streets and destinations canada you say? unfortunately this product does not autoroute...


you will also find that if you peruse the website of both garmin and magellan that garmin has a great deal more mapping software available. additionally there are people/companies that are today also making maps to run on garmin format. i do not believe that can also be said of magellan.


flame suit on... :o

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renegade - not quite sure what you mean but i think you're saying people need more than 56mb to go geocaching?


soonersat, I've always thought you get more for your dollar with Garmin. They are built with a degree of fit and finish second to none. Magellan sells largely because people think they've got a better antenna/reception (and expandable memory of course) but compared to a Garmin quad helix their reception is so similar that it doesn't matter. Where Garmin excels is in the day to day operability of the gps itself - the user interface is more straightforward and definitely intuitive once you understand the key button ("menu"). The range of capabilites/functionality is first-rate and generally they are very multi-functional devices. some will say bah to this but consider how many of their gps's integrate calendar/calculator, as well as yards mode for example and many other essentially esoteric settings/functions which frankly have been added based on user feedback (the key point). Their autorouting systems autoroute on the basemap, not just because there is some accessory software and related detailed maps that have been loaded. As well their screens support higher resolution which makes for a more pleasant viewing experience. To me this all indicates higher-end technology - both hardware and software.


magellan should be thanking garmin for not integrating an sd memory slot...

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What experience do you with a Magellan? Just curious.The only Garmins I have owned and used was a yellow etrax and a rino 110. I find the MeriModels far better as far as user abilities. What I hated about the rino was you couldnt see the cache name without going thru 2 steps, only the cache number would show. With My Mag I see both on one screen with having to leave it. Also I think your comparing New (60c) to a unit that has been out for how many years? So of course The new will have some updated features. Opinions are good, just be fair. I would tell anyone that they are both GREAT units, but they would have to deside what features they want. What you need and what I need just might differ.....

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i work with magellan and garmin (and cobra) products everyday so i have many opportunities to compare them side by side. obviously what i wrote, like the many comments from others on this forum day after day, is simply, an opinion.


i'm not comparing the 60 specifically as the capabilities i listed are found (in one form or another) on many of garmin's products. why would the yellow etrex be anything to compare to your mericolor??? it's old and is about as low as you can go in garmin's product line and obviously not comparable to the products of today. the rino 110 integrates a radio and has about the smallest screen you can find on a gps today (except for a geko). the clickstick - people either love it, or hate it. but the way it operates is quite straightforward. you've found one function (cache name) that didn't work the way you wanted. was everything about the rino as poor in your opinion? probably not.


what did i say that was not fair?

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The geocaching tools of the 60C are the least important to me (no offense to the board. On anothe note...this is the only forum I've found which actually discusses GPS in detail). The higher res color screen seems to be the advantage it has over other handhelds. I do like the Garmin interface and build quality.


The Meridian has the SD card which on the outset seems to be more functional for autorouting because you have access to more maps and do not need a computer. If I take an 8 hour auto trip, for example, will the 60C have enough memory to hold all the maps?


Maybe what I'm saying is I need two units...one for the car and one for hiking. However, it seems that a multipurpose unit will work most of the time.

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