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Do You Need Voluenteers?


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OK, just my 2 cents here. From what we see here in the forums, anyone who ASKS for that job is nuts! I would probably question the motives of someone who wanted the job.

Also, the ones I know of are all near the top of the pack when it comes to finds, hides, and working with local cache groups and govt.

No offense, but I think I would rather trust the approval process to guys like mtn-man and Keystone, who have seen hundreds and hundreds of caches of all types, then someone who's only found a dozen or so.

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There is a balance to be struck between not having enough volunteers, leading to delays and mistakes when working with caches, or having too many, which makes it harder to ensure consistency amongst an ever-increasing number of volunteers doing the same job.


When there is a need identified due to volume of cache submissions, new or increasing regulation of geocaching in an area by land managers, etc., then Groundspeak and the existing volunteers identify a suitable candidate. Sometimes a person is asked out of the blue. That happened to me, and I was stupid enough to accept. Other times, a person has made known their willingness to help if needed, and we asked someone who had previously indicated an interest. I think those volunteers are dumber and stupider.


Presently there are about 40 volunteer cache reviewers. At any given time there are a few who are taking a break, working on special projects, etc.

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