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Attaching A Gps To Me?

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Hi all,


OK. No jokes about surgical GPS implants! :P


I'm going to be downhill skiing several days over the next two months. I'd like to have my GPSr record my movements.


I have a Garmin eTrex Legend. How can I attach this to myself and still have it get a decent signal. The basic lanyard won't work, because I don't want the unit to fly up and smack me in the face. I'm thinking of an elastic strap for my arm, but there are two problems... 1. I don't have the appropriate elastic strap around my bicep or forearm 2. I'm not sure how the strap would attach to the unit?


Anything attached to my head is not really acceptable, unless it's stealth. I don't have any desire to look like a complete dork! ;)


Thanks for your suggestions!


Tim in Hollywood

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I have the same problems when it comes to hunting and walking through the bush.


Because I carry a backpack, I purchased the standard case with the belt clip and attached it to one of the straps. Remember to use your lanyard though and wrap it around your neck (because a branch could pull on your GPS!).


So, if you use a pack of any kind, hopefully this would work. I don't know if clipping it on belt works well or not (as far as receiving a nice constant signal). Does anyone else?


Have fun!



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Get a belt clip case that enclosed the unit completely. Then stuff it into the band of your goggles and use the lanyard as a safty. It shoudlnt look any worse the a pack of smokes or a cell phone which I have seen tucked into goggle bands when I have been snow boarding.



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This actually being done at Copper Mountain ski area in Colorado. They are using an arm band that has been manufactured to hold the GPS. Actually pretty neat, at the end of the day they give you a map that show where on the mountain you skied along with a huge amount of data. (i.e. max vertical, number of runs, speed avg, fastest..etc etc.)

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I read a while back about a neoprene cell phone case that Wal-mart sold that worked well for the Legend. I got one for less than ten dollars. I ended up cutting the arm band off and just using it as a case. I don't know what kind of reception you would get inside the case, but for 10 bucks, it might be worth a try.

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If you wear a daypack or hydration pack while you ski, you might also take a trip to your local sporting goods store, and look for a gps/frs pouch that is designed to attach to your pack's shoulder strap by means of a wide velcro-closure sleeve. I got mine at Sportsman's Warehouse, and that's what I use almost all the time. I can velcro the sleeve just above the sternum strap and it stays in place for great reception, even in the trees.



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You might want to consider (depending upon batteries used) that the cold temps while skiing will dramatically affect batter life, say nothing to the responsiveness of the LCD. my choice would be to keep the gpsr in my coat pocket and thread and external antenna out the back of my jacket and attach to my coat, had, goggles, etc. (and if I didn't have an external antenna jack, I'd sell my gps and buy a 60c/cs :lol: )


I've been caching in severe cold with NiMH batteries and they die very quickly in the cold!

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Have you tried just putting it in your pocket? I frequently leave the GPS in the jacket of my winter coat when caching without my daughter in the backpack (then I have a clip and wear it on the hip belt).


I've yet to have a problem with reception with it secured in my coat pocket. I have a Magellan Sportrak Topo.



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I've been snowboarding in Davos last week and I used this




item (without the moose) - you have to carry beacon/probe/shovel anyway so the daypack doesn't disturb very much.


As you can see the etrex is secured with an additional strap.



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Hi Tim,

I just bought a legend for the same purpose. The first thing I noticed is when I put the Legend in my pocket, the signals go away. I don't think any of the radio chest packs will work unless you wear them outside your coat. I like the shoulder strap mount for a pack put I usually don't wear a pack skiing. I'm looking for some kind of an arm mount, maybe something I can wear on my forearm, where it can be seen easily. Motorola makes an arm pack for their FRS radios but it doesn't look like it would hold the Legend very securely. If I come up with any thing that works well I'll post it.

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Teamguzbach's example is exactly what I was talking about in my last post. Works great.


I wouldn't wear the GPSr on my arm while skiing. As often as I crash - and it's almost always on my arm - it would surely take a beating. :lol:


The radio holder I posted the link to would probably work best for anyone who won't be wearing a pack. If cold is a concern, it can be easily worn under a jacket.



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have a local alteration shop sew a mesh pocket with flap on top of your backpack. it worked for me. my wife sews well so it was a breeze. 20$ max. top of backpack SHOULD never hit anything.. if it does so does your head, so bigger probs than breaking gpsr.



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