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A View From The Other Side

The 2 Dogs

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This site is very cool. It allows you to view the Earth as currently seen from any of the GPS satellites. (or any sat actually). In real time.


A very different perspective to Geocaching indeed.


Can you see your GPS down there?


GPS Satellite Views.


Use your GPS to find out what sats it is using at present, i.e ones that are above you right now, then select from the list. Usually they are called "GPS GIIR ?? (PRN ??)"


Have Fun

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WOW! How cool is that?!?! Thanks for this link! Now I have something else to waste my time with today. I can't cache today, it's snowing and the roads SUCK. I barely made it home from work today...almost took the scenic route into a ditch. I can post to the forums and check on satellites instead. :o

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