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Got Bug Tag Scans Or Files?

Dr. Zaius

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I make laminated labels in adobe photoshop. The tags tend to be 2 inch square or less. I have the laminater at work. The idea is pretty simple... I find a bug.... if it doesn;t have a label then I will make one from the goal section on the bug page. I will attach the tag to the bug and take 2 digital photos and send them to the owner asking permission to add the tag. One picture shows the bug and the tag together and the second photo show just the tag and what is one the tag. This way the owner can see what you have put on the tag and what it looks like on the bug. Most goals need to have the wording changed a little because it would make more sense when it physically on a bug.


Most of the people I have asked have not had a problem with the tags... Some are very thankful for the help. But dont assume that everyone wants you to tag the bugs.


If you are going to tag other people's bugs PLEASE PLEASE get permission before you stick the tagged bug in a cache.

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