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Another Battery Question

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I use a Vista and sometimes when the batteries show 50% then my unit will freeze (hey, thats not what I meant). For some reason, when the batteries get low, my unit just stops working (dang it, thats not what I meant). Seriously, I once bought an (8) pack of batteries (I forget the brand) and that caused my GPS to 'freeze' during navigation. I eventually bought new batteries and they seem to work much better. ;)

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We use a Garmin eMap, and we've had the same experience. I carry fresh batteries with me because of this. If we get to the site and the GPS won't settle down (and the sky is relatively clear) I'll pop my fresh batteries in irregardless of what the indicator says about them. Often (but not always) this fixes the reception issue.


P.S. Doesn't it drive you crazy when people say "irregardless"?

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[...] I have been at a cache site and doing the infamous gps dance you know 10 feet forward, 10 feet back, 10 feet left etc. [...]

Yes, I also have observed once this strange ritual.

A nice example of VOODOO TECHNOLOGY.


I think that many geocachers not really knowing how their GPS (and laws of physics and mathematics) works, are in the same position as those natives doing the Cargo cult.

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