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For those that don't have a GPS with a map function and want to find out about a cache's location, you can do all of that before you leave home.


With most Single-Step caches, but not always with Multi-Caches, I can determine the distance from an intersection or other map reference to the cache.


This is all done with a program that I use for every cache that I hunt. I use the information to cross-reference with my two map books, one for Kitsap/Mason(entitled RoadRunner) and the other for Pierce/King(entitled Thomas Guide) and etc.


The program is entitled WinAPRS version 2.46, using Black & White maps. There are various versions, some with colored maps, but I think that the "K.I.S.S."(Keep It Simple Stupid) method is best.


This program is an Unregistered copy and it is for personal use. If you want a better version, you can always pay a fee for the latest upgrade.


Main Program: waprs246.zip ----- 1.62Mgb

Map file A - G: wa_a_g.zip ------- 7.07Mgb

Map file H - R: wa_h_r.zip -------- 9.35 Mgb

Map file S - Z: wa_s_z.zip -------- 8.05 Mgb


Total Space used before Unzip: 26.09 Mgb


You will be able to navigate to any cache within Washington State. Maps are available for other states as well. These files come from Rutgers University and are trustworthy!


Here is an example:


The cache entitled Wauna Spit/GCGX87/ID# 92699, not having been there as of the date of this message, has two waypoints. The distance from the first to the second is about 650 feet at a bearing of 74 degrees. I could have determined the distance from the West End of the Bridge to the first waypoint, but I didn't take the time to do that.


BTW, this program was intended for use by Amateur Radio Operators. With this program and various pieces of radio gear, the operator can transmit his physical location to a local website which is interfaced with an Amateur Radio Transceiver, placing the mark on a map showing the vehicles location. If you had access to that website and have an Amateur license, you could send a message to him as well.


Callsign: KD7KRH

Website: www.fledermaus.batcave.net/index.html

E-Mail: derfledermaus2003@yahoo.com



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