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Picture Pasted Into My Online Cache

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Hey everyone! We have been creating a few caches here and there. I would like to know how to paste a picture (or some people have moving animations) into my "description" on my cache page. I see how to UPLOAD picture, but I want one that represents my cache and is within the cache description. I know it must be easy since I have seen it on so many other's caches- but I am missing the boat.


Thanks for the help!!

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Sure...I know- it's a little hard to explain: I have created a cache and it is now active. But within the description of the cache, I want to add a picture. I have tried to "copy" and "paste" a pic from the internet into the description field and do NOT have the option in the description field to "paste". Therefore, I am unsure of how to get a picture or a moving animation into the description field of my cache.


More clear (i hope)?

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I think I know what you are talking about, but I haven't tried that so I'm not sure how to go about it.


And I think Og actually wanted you to reference a cache page that has pics/animation on it to see what you are wanting to do. So post a cache reference number, name, or a link to a cache page.

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Thanks for the help, Og. I did try to check the box "HTML is being used", but it lumped my whole description of the cache including itemized cache contents into one gigantic paragraph. I am finicky when it comes to grammar and that did not work well for me :blink:


Perhaps I thought it may be simpler than it is. Thanks for the info, though, and for taking the time out to think of my question!

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