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AA Batteries


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I've been buying those Duracell Ultras. They seem to last more than twice longer than the regular Duracells, although I haven't done a scientific study on the matter. I have a Sport Trak Pro, too and I leave the WAAS on, so I go through a lot of batteries. I've seen those huge packs of generic batteries and allways wondered if they were a value.



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I got a set of 4 Monster brand (same company that makes wire/cable) NiMH batteries when I bought my digital camera. After I got my GPS, I bought a pack of RayOVac NiMHs so I'd always have enough batteries if either/both the camera and GPS needed them.


The Monsters are 1800s and the RayOVacs are 1600s. There is a very significant difference in how long they last - the Monsters last almost twice as long as the RayOVacs and almost as long as alkalines.


The bottom line is that you get what you pay for when it comes to rechargables. I've certainly gotten my moneys worth from them, but if I were going to get more, I'd spend the extra $$$ and get some 2000s.

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Somebody posted a while back about Consumer Reports finding out that the best battery.


I think they decided it was Rayovac but I'm not sure...

Yup. For plain old batteries, Ray-O-Vac is cheapest and lasts longer then Durakills and Neverready's. I think it also said that the Ray-O-Vac rechargables were top of the line, too. I'll never use anything else. I get 25-30 hours out of them in my Legend. Most I ever got with Neverready was about 12 hours. I use Ray-O-Vacs in everything now, digital camera, flashlights, GPSr, weather radio, GMRS radio, weather station, back up in half a dozen or more other power units.

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Does anyone have a favorite brand of batteries? Or is there any difference among them? I bought some Walgreen $2.98 for six this week and they last about 2-3 hours in my Sportrak Pro!

Your biggest mistake was buying at Walgreens. I've found they are likely to carry old stock in several sections, and some things come off the "grey" market, or were someone else's over-stock. I would hazard a guess the batts you got were old and/or poorly warehoused.


In any sense I'd complain to the Walgreens. That's not enough time, and the price is horrible in any case. I can easily get *fresh* big-name batts for 25 cents or less per when they're on sale at the local grocery store. Even the off-brands last at least 8 hours in my eTrex's.



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Out of all the batteries I tested, the new Rayovac 15 minute rechargables are by far the best. I bought 2 sets and just rotate in fresh ones when the unit gets low. I can go several days on one set. Plus you can get a free car adapter so you can charge them in your vehicle! I'm never without batteries now.

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Just a note on charging to 3/4.  Becareful that you let the batteries die completely before recharging.



That's true with NiCads. The NiMh don't require that though, and it makes no difference with them what level of charge is left in them when they are rechared.

You also need to be careful with how deeply you discharge. In some situations, the polarity of the battery will reverse, which can be very bad news.


NiMh is included in that group, so it is usually safer to keep topping it off then letting it drain down too low.



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