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Cheap, Cheap Gpses

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>>>>> FOR SALE--cheap! <<<<<


I have two Magellan 315s which work perfectly, but.... they both have cracks in the display. Great for the newbie geocacher who doesn't or can't spend much. These babies are only $42.50 each, postpaid in the US (Canada is an extra $8 US)


Then, I have two other (absolutely perfect in every respect) Magellans:


1. a Magellan 330 that I will load with your choice of limited local area for wherever you wish in the US--either topo or streets and destinations. -- $135.00


2. a Magellan Meridian with the same load(s) available as #1 -- $149.00


3. a Magellan SporTrak Map with same as above loads -- $154.00


All are postpaid in US by USPS priority mail.


# 1,2 and 3 all come in original box with batteries, manual and wrist strap, ready to geocache. I'll even load some local caches for you, wherever you live or wish.-I have other Magellan units as well: a Meridian Gold and SporTrak Pro. Ask! (jmcgiv@juno.com).


I'll send you an actual photo if you are a serious buyer.


Skymarshal (see my profile if you are into aviation, too)

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>>>>>  FOR SALE--cheap! <<<<<


I have two Magellan 315s which work perfectly. ... Great for the newbie geocacher who...can't spend much.  These babies are only $42.50 each, postpaid in the US...


Skymarshal (see my profile if you are into aviation, too)

hey Skymarshal,

boy am i glad to run accross yer post. We just joined yesterday and went caching w/o a gps. I knew it was futile but the kids had fun in the woods anyway...shoot, for that matter so did me and mama! Even the baby loved it. We can't wait to really get started on this. I beleive it will turn in to the most quality family time we have had yet. But I DO know that in order to keep the kid's attention we'll have to get a GPS quick. The only way is gonna have to be to the absolute cheepest. We went pricing at the electronics store after our first caching and I think that yer deal here with the $42 gps is gonna be our best shot. please e-mail me and we can work the details...(if you have any left).


keep movin',

Shallow Scratch :D


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