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'geosketching' Or 'sketch Caches' - New Category ?


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I am a social science teacher in Australia and developed a field work

activity for my students that combined Geocaching and the Geography

field work skill of Field Sketches. I called this activity

GeoSketching, to do it with students I give them a booklet and co-ords

and they navigate with the GPS to set locations and draw field sketches

looking in a set direction. With student I try to achieve course

outcomes but as an way of doing something different I put out two

GeoSketch caches in the towns I live/work in, one of them is:



it explains the concept.


At first I was going to do them as a virtual till I thought of doing

them as traditional caches with a 'sketch log' (this also allowed me to

make the first a micro), I put the word GeoSketch in the cache name to

save someone who would not be interested from looking for it. I also

thought though that this might be something that some other people (who

might never see my cache) might like to try. If we had 'GeoSketching'

or 'Sketch Caches' as a category others could give it a go and those

that would not wish to do it can more easily avoid them.


I don't expect that my Geosketch caches will be very popular as I

live/travel often enough in areas that are far from awash with other

cachers, But if other thought this type of cache was of interest then maybe it could have its own category.

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It's an idea. To log a find, post an arial photo/map with your track log superimposed which makes your sketch clear. "yeah that's a dog but his nose is kinda droopy"


The finds would then be drawing variouse things of varying difficulites. The Rectangle would be a difficulty 1, and the titanic or a person you can recoginze a 5?


This would probably be a type of locationless.

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Thats not really the kind of thing I was talking about, this is a real sketch in a log book of a set view ie. from a lookout


And it's the third post by the same person this week about the same subject that has generated almost no interest the first two times.


Don't get me wrong. I'm not against having a sketchbook in your cache. I've seen it before. It's especially nice for freeform sketches, stamps, and other things. I encourage people who want to spend the money to use a sketchbook instead of a notebook.


But let's accept that it's cool and worthwhile and quit trying for the "revolutionary new way of geocaching" angle.


I'll be honest. The first time I read it, I was like "that's kinda cool", then it was "oh well, someone feels the need to repost in a different forum". Now I'm up to "what is this, chinese water torture?"


edit: Lazyboy & Mitey Mite snuck a post in there before I hit "submit"

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The first post was just as ‘hay look at this’ the second was in the GPS education MB as it relates to that topic and I wished to share it with people looking for ideas, I emailed GC.com and was pointed to this board and so I not being able to move my original thread to this board stated a new one here and put a note in the old one redirecting discussion here.


If you don’t wish to read it don’t

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Actually, I'm trying to give you a hint on how not to make a good idea extremely unpopular. But if you eventually want the word "geosketching" to produce the same involuntarily shiver as "subigo" feel free to keep starting new threads about it.

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One: it's nothing new. It's been done for years, and the game is only 3yrs old.

Two: it's just a theme, not a cache type. No different then a cache that asks you to swap music CDs, or something "green", or something dog related. If we had a different cache type for every possible cache theme out there, the database would be a mess, the cache search feature would be a mess, and the guys that create the 3rd party software for caching would be pulling their hair out. Besides, what if I made a cache where you sketch your dog? Is that a geosketch cache type, or a dog type? This sounds better suited as a cache attribute, a coming feature that a forum search should turn up plenty of discussion on.

As far as the sketching idea itself, I liked it 2yrs ago, I like it now.

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