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I think it's a matter of "Different strokes for different folks" (Hehe, I made a funny, 'cause that's a song!) Wayne Newton may not equal Metallica in some people's mind's; but may be way better in others.

I say, if ya wanna trade, go ahead. If ya don't - TN/LN/SL

Just make sure you post it as a CD cache, that way folks'll know to bring along some CD trades.

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I just wanted to add that there are cachers out there that use music CD's as sig items. There is one very active cacher here in west Michigan that uses CD's of music that he has mixed himself. Some pretty good stuff on them too. IMO. :D They seem to hold up very well against the elements.

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A few days ago, I mentioned that I was going to hide a few caches in my area and use the 4 song demo CD of my blues band as a signature item and travel bug. The problem is that, geocachers are very rare up here. There are only 3 caches within a 100 mile radius from my home and are not accessible during the winter. If anyone wants one of these CDs to put into a cache, send me your address and I will be delighted to send you one by mail.

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Yeah I love putting C-Ds in caches. My good friend is in a band - and his band just made a C-D. They are going to go to a publishing company soon - and ask for a record deal. But before then - they want people to know who they are so that if they get a record deal, people will buy their CDs. SOOOOOOO, they gave me one of their home recorded CDs and told me to burn it as many times as possible. And they said to give it to as many people as possible. THE BAND IS CALLED-------------------------------Left handed Theives--------[they are a rock band that do not swear.] So, if you find a burned CD in a geocache labeled with LEFT HANDED THEIVES - it is ok to listen to it and burn it and give it to your friends. Overall, I like the idea of CDs in caching - its always a nice surprise to find a cd in a cache.


Environmental Explorer


Make a difference - save the environment :D

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There are lots of them out there. Good idea, but what tends to happen is that all the good CD's you stocked it with are replaced with Donnie & Marie, Live at Carnagie Hall and Jim Neighbors Sings Motown.

Hey whats wrong with them, thats my kind of music!


On a more serious side I have permission to burn i-cache onto mini cd's and place them in caches, and I plan to do that. I think it is a worthwhile program that many could use. They can take it home burn it to their hard drive and replace the cd in another cache. I will have to leave instructions that it is not to be modified in any way and must be the only thing on the cd. Let me know what you guys think.


Thumper :D:D:D

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Nice idea. The trick would be to start with variety, lot's of different types of music. I think I'd be a bit miffed coming to a cache with some good underground punk to trade and finding only yanni and mannilow(sp?). I like the idea of doing a cache based on unsigned bands, heck in some of the bigger cities out there it could be all local bands.


Caching software is also a neat idea. One thought that I have would be to make sure that the system requirements, and what devices (ie gps to comp, gps to palm, etc) it works with are clearly marked on the disc.

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Interesting thread, since I was considering doing just that--putting a song I just recorded in a cache or two. Problem is, I cannot get a good copy of my own CD, bummer. I guess I'll have to make a trip over to my brother-in-law's where it was recorded.


I figure my recording could be close to unique among cache recordings, since it's a song written by Henry Purcell in 1692.

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