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Etrex Pc Interface Programs

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:D As Quills said, get EasyGPS. This is a free program that. It is available on the Geocaching.com Links page. When you download it, you'll get a smilely face on your computer, where-ever you have it installed. Mine is on my desktop. Interestingly enough, it doesn't write entries to your registry file, so if you want to put it on a system you don't have administrator rights to, it will still install. Once you have it installed, you'll want to log onto the Geocaching website and perform a search. Using the check boxes on the search results page, identify the caches you wish to download info for. then click download. You may be asked what format to save your files in, as well as location. Pick the .loc format for use with EasyGPS, and give it an appropriate name. To open the loc file, just drag and drop it onto the EasyGPS program and it should open. You'll find several simple function there for manipulation of the waypoints. Downloading to your GPS is fairly straight forward after setting the preferences to identify your GPS. Good luck.
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As they said, EasyGPS is a good start.


If you like it, ExpertGPS is the logical step up. Good for mapping and such.


I really like National Geographic TOPO. But over the last few days I have been continuously trying to get an answer from them about support for the Garmin 60C and 60CS USB connection. Frustrating is the word. :D I really like TOPO, but if you need help from their support, may as well bang your head against the wall. :D

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