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I have made up a special card that I like to drop in caches.. it is one that just has the Wheresgeorge web addy and also geocache addy and my nick or handle that I use ... (am lucky to have be able to use the same nick/handle on both sites)


basically it just has the nick and home town on it, and I based it off of another card that I found in a cache.


I have a friend that collects all types of business cards and when I told him about some of the cards that I have seen in the geocaches. it is getting him interested in caching to look for cards like this..



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Some people may consider a business card too "commercial" an item for caches. After all, the primary purpose of a business card is to facilitate trade. Many of these cards may disappear on maintenance runs, depending on the views of the cache owner.


There is only one case in which I have personally known of a business card being left in a cache. It was the case of a metal detector salesman who decided to delve into the geocaching world with his brand new GPS. As I understand it, he never logged his finds, took items he thought his kids might like, and left a business card behind. Because one of the items missing from the cache included a brand new geocoin, and given the questionable modus operandi, some rather "flavorful" dialogue ensued, courtesy of the business card.


This, of course, is an extreme case. Keep in mind, though, there are plenty of potential perils to allowing any kind of contact information to reside within a cache. Many cachers have created custom signature "finders cards" which are usually more colorful and considerably more anonymous than the standard business card. If the purpose for leaving a card is other than the conduct of business, you may which to consider such cards: with a color printer, lamination, and a little creativity on a computer, one can make a rather unique finder's card which is not constrained by the professional boundaries of a business card.


Just my thoughts.

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Avery inkjet printable cards are great. They have a new style that dosen't have perforations, very nice looking.

I have my avatar and url's for both local geocachers organizations. Just to try to let newbies know we are out there.


I wouldn't put my personel card in a cache if for no other reason than I don't want somebody calling me at 3:00 AM to let me know they found the cache. <_<

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I printed up business cards on my own printer. It has my avatar, a geocaching logo, my email address and web site address on it. I attach a small guardian angel pin to the card and leave it as a 'sig item'. I also found magnetic business cards at Office Depot and made up some of those. They contain the same info as my regular cards. I will attach a pin to it and stick them inside ammo boxes when I come across them. I think business cards like this are cool.


I don't think I would want to someone's legit business card in a cache though. I am out looking for caches, I don't want to see business cards for real estate, avon, etc. in there.

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Excellent advice all. I love this place, you can ask about something you are unsure of and receive good solid and sound advice. I think I will go with a avatar, e-mail, url type of card, and maybe if it is not to much of scare for other cachers I might put a picture of the wife and I on the card. Always nice to put a face with the name, now if I can just find a picture of some really good looking guy to go along with my wifes picture, any hints, no volunteers guys.


Thumper :D<_<:D

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Make sure the card and ink a water proof -- unless you are living some where dry -- otherwise the card will just become yet another soggy mess in the cache. If you want to spend about $50 then get one of those small laminators that are sold in office depot stores; they may be cheaper than that these days.


A laminator is also good for sealing up the "geocaching notice" in case you hide a cache of your own.

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