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How Many Of Your Finds Are Now Archived?

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These urban caches I'm doing get archived fast! I've been caching 8 months, with 28 finds, 7 of them have already been archived. 25%! and one is temporarily disabled. Many others that I "kept meaning to get around to" have already come and gone! I'm taking a day off work, so hopefully I can get that find count up a bit today! as soon as I clean the garage... <_<

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At last count I had 210 finds, and i think 10 of those have been archived, not bad percentage wise, compared to you others. <_< I know I have been last to find on at least one cache, but it hasn't been officially archived, just "disabled" for a while now. There could be another I was LTF on that has been archived, but I haven't checked lately.

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With 106 finds in 9 months, 6 have been archived. I was the LTF (sort of) for only one.


I was the last to find the cache intact.


This was the actual LTF log: "Found it, sort of! We found the cache location after a tough climb. Located where the cache should be, but all there was was a note that read - not in nature preserve, not off the hiking trails, 6-5-03 -. The note wasn't signed, looks like it is time to relocate this cache. Thanks for placing the cache, we really enjoyed the trail and the area." :D<_<

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I always appreciate a good question like this, which requires me to go through my entire list of finds (573). Much more important than my office work.


57 of the caches I've found have been archived, or 10%. Another 20 are temporarily disabled right now, or 3.5%. But 8 of the archived caches were Event Caches and 2 were locationless caches, so I'm not sure these should count.


As I reviewed my finds, I noted that relatively fewer caches in my home area (Southwestern PA) seemed to have problems, so I counted them separately. Of the 47 archived physical and virtual caches I've found, 27 were in my home area and 20 were outside my home area. Half the disabled caches were outside my home area. Yet the majority of my finds have been within 100 miles of home, so one would have expected a greater majority of archived and disabled caches nearby. Since this is not the case, that's a tribute to the good hiding and cache maintenance practices of geocachers in my area.


I have been "last to find" on six caches. I don't think I've been responsible for any of them going missing, and if any of the owners do think that, they haven't hunted me down yet.

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214 finds to date. Eight are archived, though two were cache events. Of the remaining six, I was last to find on one. I feel bad about it: it was a letterbox hybrid which was in a front yard, and apparently the kids were supposed to maintain it. The container wasn't very watertight, so the contents were found completely soaked (very ruinous for any cache, but more so for a letterbox). I dried it the best I could and wrote in the log the condition in which it was found, and they archived it with a note saying it was primarily because the cache was not being maintained well.


Six of my finds are currently disabled. However, there are a few people in this area who chronically disable caches and then don't check on/replace them for the better part of a year, so realistically, probably half of those disabled caches really should be archived.

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Out of 496 finds (not including events), only 33 have been archived, for a total of 6.7%. I was only LTF on two of those, and one of them was a Nashville micro pulled by the cache owner to make room for a new cache. Of course, more than half of my finds were in the last 4 months, so there may not have been enough time for them to vanish yet.


I haven't counted, but I've also had a handfull of FTNF's which were later archived. Those ones aleays make me wonder how many people didn't log a DNF before I searched....

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Wow, 342 finds and 56 have either been temporarily or permanently archived. Several of those are event caches, but still, that seems like a lot.


As best as I can recall, I'm responsible for getting one of them archived. I emailed the owner after discovering a methlab in the same area as the cache. He archived it and brought the cops out the next day to show them (good man).


As I also look over the list, several of the archived ones were what you might call "experimental." Some urban caches in some very obvious places (one of them called "In Plain Sight") that unfortunately were destined to short lives. Still, they were a lot of fun.


Pourin' a cold one on the curb for all those caches that didn't make it. <_<



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I agree with Lep; this was a fun exercise and much better than doing something work related. :D

I didn't bother to sort out archived/disabled but do know that some of the disabled are in seasonnaly available parks.

Out of 336 finds less 6 events, 34 have been arcihved or 10.3%.

4 of them were virtuals, and 2 were locationless including the infamous Yellow Jeep cache (BTW look there for a truly lame find yesterday).

I have never been the LTF, but was the next to LTF on a Rest Stop cache.

I have been the FDNF 2x. :D<_<:D

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I have 126 finds with only 1 archived and 5 disabled on that list. Most of those disabled ones should really be archived, as they have been disabled for quite some time. Even so, that's still <5%! I think this low rate partly reflects the fact that I am still relatively new to this sport (my finds have all been within the last 8 months), so therefore on average less time has elapsed since my finds than many other cachers' finds. I think that the other reason is the point that Lep brought up earlier--people in our southwestern PA area tend to maintain their caches very well. I was the LTF on the one archived cache on my list, but thankfully I had nothing to do with its being archived (that had to do with the time of year and other events that go on in that park during the holiday season).

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9 of my 127 finds are archived (7.1%):

3 of them were pulled by owners to be redone or to make place for other caches.

Other 3 were archived by approvers after complaints about trespassing issues (interesting, none of the owners were active anymore).

The last 3 were stolen or destroyed.

No LTFs. Some of my other finds had a missing period but they were eventually replaced by owner. I was LTF on one of these.

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11 of my 86 finds have been archived for about 13%. we were ltf on 2-3, and first not to find one, which was later archived by an absentee owner after about 15 dnf's. the ltf's were archived by the owners for various reasons, not becasue they went missing after we found them.

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The aMazing Cache was temporarily disabled when I found it. It's still there, but the owner has not yet re-enabled it. It should get a new container, so maybe they are waiting until they get out to the island to make it all nice again.


Sheakespeare In the Park was archived, I was second to last on that one. It got muggled too often.


CATB#2 was archived, 4 people found it after me, it got wet.


A Birdwatcher's Micro was archived after hell and high water carried it away. I was there for a second trip with Ttepee so she could find it, so I know it was gone, and the owner archived it.


Har Har I'm a Comedian was archived by the admin, since the owner had done nothing with it after it was disabled for a while. It ws in a city park that was really busy, under a tree. I was there last year.


Sprite is recently missing. I was there last April.


A Small Park, A Tiny Cache was archived by BrianSnat because according to him the pop up timer on this turkey was done.


This One's For Freedom placed by my good friend Ttepee was archived due to vandalism, but others have been placed in the area.


Homestead cache went missing. It's a shame, this is the cache where I first met dboggny.


Bennington Monument archived so a traditional could be placed instead. Now I have to go back.


Rockport Harbor archived after one no find and an inactive hider. I know how hard this find is and next time I'm up there I will check it. Gorgeous spot!


Andrew And Holly's Wedding Cache archied afeter being replaced once already by Pantalomian. Owner only had one hide, no finds (under that profile anyway). I hope someone local to the area puts another one out there it's really, really pretty there.


Schnuffles Coin Cache Part 2 was archived, and this one I was the last to find on with the Bryno. I know I left it there, but it looked like a homeless person's campsite. It was a coin cache and they probably needed it more.


Lake Elise archived due to heavy rains and erosion.


And four out of five events I've been to have been archived. I don't know why the fifth was not. (dboggny?)


That's 14 (not including events) out of 232 caches (not including events)

16% archived.


Thanks for asking, I have a nice walk down memory lane doing the search.

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