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Cache Viking
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Check out that Sparky.  That cat scares even me!

I do not know Sparky nor have I met Sparky but after some time observing these forums Sparky is one of about 15 people I would like to meet and go caching with.


It is these same 15 and then sum that have made me a lurking addict to these forums.

You're in luck. Some of those 15 will be at Sax Man's Campout :D


For the caption:

Why do all these topics say that SirRalan was the last to reply? :D

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Cat on left to cat on right: LOL, These humans are really funny. they actually think Mods are real people!!!



P.S.--Just a joke people  :D

Cat on right to cat on left: "I never much liked Weasels. Delete all his finds, ModCat."

Cat on left : I like this Keystone Approver guy!!


Cat on right: So do I, I think he needs a raise!!!




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